Turbo Kid Walkthrough – Demo

Turbo Kid Walkthrough

Check out our walkthrough of Turbo Kid and how to complete the demo.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Turbo Kid.

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After playing through the tutorial, you are thrust into the post-apocalyptic world of Turbo Kid. Ride your bike to the right from your couch and jump over the first ledge. Keep going right through the various half pipes and ramps – till you acquire A Tale by a Mysterious Author. After that, turn back around and go back to the first half pipe. Keep moving from side to side to gain enough momentum to get on the platform above the half pipe.

Turbo Kid Walkthrough - Demo

Keep heading up on foot by jumping. Once at the top, get back on your bike and move right. Once you reach the end of the level, ride up the ramp and get off on the upper level.

Turbo Kid Walkthrough - Demo

Jump onto the poles and get higher. Crawl through the narrow opening and the floor will crash taking you along with it. After the short cutscene, pick up your helmet and ride up the ramp. Keep moving to the left and you will come to a giant ramp.

Turbo Kid Walkthrough - Demo

Use your spiked wheels, to climb up this sheer wall – you will need a head-start here, due to the game mechanics being very reliant on momentum. Keep going left till you reach a couch and save. Drop down the ladder next to the couch and then head left. Jump across the spikes and kill the guy at the end of the path. Beyond him is a secret room that you need to crawl into, that you can’t see but trust me its there.

Go back up and use your spiked wheels to climb up the wall next to the couch. Jump over the opening and kill the guy standing at the base of the ladder. Drop down the right side and take out the guy standing there.

Head up the ladder next. Go to the left and up the next ladder and you will be in a half ramp. Gather momentum and jump onto the left side and go up the ladder here. Then go to the right and drop down to take the running guy out. Then crawl through the opening on the right – another guy will rush you, take him out. Keep heading right till you reach the guy with the shield.

Wait for him to come down the stairs and jump behind him to take him out easily. Go back up the stairs and take out the enemies up there now. At the far left, jump up the platforms to another half pipe. Gather momentum and get up the left side wall, to find another couch. Save here. Now head back down the half pipe and climb the ladder on the right. Take the guy out above. Then keep heading up. Go to the left and jump across the gap and then climb the sheer wall with spiked wheels. Once at the top crawl to the left to find a secret room.

Kill the enemies inside and you can pick up another book and cash. Head back out and go left now. Drop down the ramp and go out the other side and head up. Use your spike wheel to climb the wall on the left and on top you will find a secret room with a power up.

Head back down to the floor and then to the left to climb up the ladder there.

Keep going to the left, till you reach the buzzsaw trap set up. Drop down to find another couch, save and replenish here. Jump up the buzzsaw trap section then head to the right to the two half pipes, gather momentum to jump up to the platform with the guy on the left.

Kill him then head to the right – till you reach the ladder. Go up and kill the guy with the shield and the rushing guy. Climb up to the left and kill the rat. Jump up to get higher at the next set of platforms and kill the guy with the shield here.

Go to the left and wait for the circular saw to move out of the way and jump up and walk through. In this next section, there are 3 platforms with mini saws, just time your jumps and move to top and climb up.

Keep going to the left till you run with the axe-throwing guy and the brick-throwing guy – and take them out. Get on your bike and head up – save at the couch. Go to the right now and a guy will ask you to race. Complete the race in under 1:05 minutes.

Head up the ladder now – and you will meet the Knick Knack crew again. Go to the right and you will meet GG Queen Becca. Go to the right after she leaves, and go up the ramp to take out the wheel throwing guy on top. Save at the couch and go through the door on the right. GG Queen will set up a trap. Jump off of your bike and hang from the poles to shoot the green lights on either side.

Turbo Kid Walkthrough - Demo

Take out the enemies that spawn now – to bring GG Queen herself into the fray. She skates around the outer wall – so just time your shots at her – while avoiding her shots.

Turbo Kid Walkthrough - Demo

After enough shots she will come into the platforms – shoot her again and she will go back to her booth. The spinning saw is back again, drop down and shoot the green light at the bottom.

Turbo Kid Walkthrough - Demo

Jump up the ledges and repeat the previous phase– take out the enemies and then take out GG Queen. When she goes back to her booth, take out the green light on top of the room now.

Turbo Kid Walkthrough - Demo

Kill all the enemies and then GG Queen for the final time. This also ends the demo.

This ends the walkthrough for the Turbo Kid demo. We will be covering the full game once it comes out.

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman