Turbo Kid Walkthrough – Part 6 (Air Dash)

Turbo Kid Walkthrough


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Check out our walkthrough of Turbo Kid to find out how to explore the Junkyard and complete the Jimmy(s) questline to get Air Dash.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Turbo Kid.

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Go to the right from the Boss arena, and take the Teleporter back to New Hope. You will start playing a cutscene.

Back at New hope, watch the cutscene unfold. 

Exit the area and speak to the old man Gregor near the Warp Zone. He will ask you to get him an antenna – doing this quest will lead you to the Lightning Dome. 

Take the Warp Zone to the Junkyard Entrance teleporter and save at the couch. Go to the left till you reach the ladder and head down. 

Keep moving down till you reach this location, on the left is a secret crawlspace with a White Crate full of loot. Take and it move on downwards.

Keep going to the right till you reach the location in the picture below and head through into the new area.

Move towards the right and to the top to find a Verse in this location below – 

Go towards the right and around the map till you get to this couch and save here.

Go left from the couch and into the new area. 

Keep moving to the left, minding the drones and drillers till you reach this ladder in the picture below. Head up the ladder into the new area. Go round the map avoiding the drillers till you reach this location on the map.

Go through and you will find the Reformat Disc. You can pick it up now if you plan to go back to New Hope and you will need it for Crissa. Otherwise head up and save at the couch.

Head to the left and you will see Naomi. Watch the short cutscene.

Drop down and move to the left. If you go to the right and drop down you will meet Jimmy 9, who will give you a quest.

Leave through the way you came and head left this time. Go around and you will find Jimmy 9’s control panel. Inspect it.

Move to the left and go around till you reach the location in the picture below. Use your saw blades to cut open the wires and pick up the Turbo Energy canister.

Keep going left, till you reach the couch in the picture and save here.

Drop down the path on the left and go around till you can save on the couch as in the map below.

Go right now and you will meet Naomi again and Jimmy 7. Jimmy 7 wants to meet another like him. (Tracking back to Jimmy 9 doesn’t work).Make your way to this location on the map below.

Go around and to the top and you will meet Jimmy 8 and he will ask you to interact with his control panel, which is below – so make your way there. 

But go to the right first to pick up this Short Story. 

After interacting with Jimmy 8’s panel, make your way here to find a secret room. Drop down to find a couch, save and move to the right to explore further.

You can find a racing challenge here on the map, next to a couch.

Near here you will also find Naomi and Silver Ghost –

You can’t access the mall yet so make you way to the location here and go down the ladder.

Head to the bottom of the room and hit the red switch there to stop the debris from falling. Now head back up and make your way across the conveyor belts to save at the couch. 

Go to the right and down. Move to the left now till you reach this switch here and hit the switch. Kill or avoid the robots here.

Move to the door that you just opened. Run through and save at the couch. 

Run to the right from the couch and jump across the falling debris. Remember to pick up the heart container on top there. 

Run to the end and make your way up through the saw blades and conveyor belts. Remember to go around and hit the switch to open the path to the couch on top. There is no way to avoid damage after hitting the switch, so take the two hits from the big saw on the left.

There is no way to avoid damage from the saws here either. So make sure you have enough hearts. Once through, save at the couch.

Speak to Jimmy 5 here and interact with his control panel. Avoid the traps and falling debris and interact with the panel.

Go around and up the ladder now. Run to the left and you will eventually make your way here with the lightning traps.

Go through and you will find a secret room on top with a white crate and a short story.

Drop back down and head to the right.

Head down the ladder here, all the way down to find a secret path. Go right to find an audio cassette. Go back up and hit the red switch, avoiding the falling debris.

Eventually make your way to the location on the map below – 

Head right from here. Work your way up to the save couch on top.

Head down and to the right. Eventually make your way to the left at the bottom and you will find Jimmy 6 in a library- who should be the last Jimmy you need. 

Inspect Jimmy-6’s console here – 

You will get a communication chip that you need to take to Jimmy 7 now.

After you get ambushed, go inside the garage and pick up Air Dash. 

Air Dash up to the left corner and you will meet Yoann and the RKSS crew. 

As you head back up, air dash up here for a White crate and scraps.

You will see a short cutscene where Naomi kills Jimmy 7. Save at the couch after.

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This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman