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Check out our collectibles guide for Turbo Kid to find out how to find all the Half Hearts.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games collectibles guide for Turbo Kid.

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You begin the game with 3 hearts.

There are 24 half-hearts to buy, win or find across Middle-Waste.

6 can be bought from merchants:

  • Buy 2 from Dr.Dealgood
  • Buy 1 from Terrence
  • Buy 1 from Balzakan
  • Buy 1 from Crissa
  • Buy 1 from Old Gregor
  • Win 2 as prizes in the Lightning Dome Arena
  • Win 6 as top prizes in racing and bike trick minigames

10 are scattered across Middle-Waste:

Wasteland East

Under the bridge to the left – through the hidden path.

Wasteland West

Skatepark Vents

Through the hidden ladder on the right.

Skatepark Basement

Junkyard Processing

Junkyard Mall

Upper Sewers

Lower Sewers

Nea’s Quest: Bring a head

Upper Church

Upper Church 2

Down this hidden ladder on the Upper Church

That concludes our Half Hearts location guide for Turbo Kid!

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This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman