Turbo Kid Walkthrough – Part 9 (Sewers Weapon Chip)

Turbo Kid Walkthrough


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Check out our walkthrough of Turbo Kid to find out how to explore further into the Sewers and find the Weapon Chip.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Turbo Kid.

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After acquiring the dodge roll, go to the left and dodge roll through the air vent. Take out the enemies here and then dodge roll through the next air vent and save at the couch. Head up the long ladder and then the second long ladder. Take out the floating enemies and head to the right.

Jump across the gap and keep heading right till you reach the air vent. Roll through and take out the flies and enemies on the other side. Jump across the platforms and head down the stairs. Save at the couch.

Clear the debris and head down. Kill the floating enemies and keep moving downwards. Maintain your distance from the vomiting enemies. Head downwards and you will find a hidden crawlspace here –

There is another one to the right that leads to a room. Fall down the long ladder to the very bottom. Inspect the dead bodies here and head right.

Head to the left and do the same. Now, ride back to the ladder and head up. Once at the top, head to the right avoiding the acid drops. Keep going and you will meet Naomi. Interact with the security panel to open the door.

From the computer terminal, head down the left ladder first to save at the couch. Then head down the ladder on the left of the couch and race across the acid pool.

Climb up the crawlspace and you will meet Ozzy below. He is The Voice. Go through the crawlspace, drop down and head to the right through the next crawlspace and save at the couch. Now, hit the switch to turn on the breakers.

Head back the way you came, through the various scenes you just passed.  Go up the ladder, save and go down the ladder on the right this time. Take out the flies in the next room and jump over the corpses to get to the other side. Keep going past the warp zone and save at the couch.

Drop down the narrow space and at the bottom you will run into the Oozinator.

Tips for the boss fight –

Phase 1

  • Shoot him and avoid him jumping around from side to side. Do not jump to avoid him as that will result in you getting hit every single time.
  • At 25% HP he will summon adds. Take them out with your melee attack.

Phase 2

  • Go up the sides to hang off the hand rails and shoot the weak points on his body.
  • Watch out for his swipes and watch out for the flies. When you are at the bottom he will summon blobs.
  • After you destroy the first weak point, he will summon tougher adds – the vomiting ones.
  • He also shoots globs of acid at you while you are hanging, just let go and drop to the bottom when they come towards you.
  • Just keep destroying his weak points and eventually this fight will end.

Once again, you will have the choice to kill the boss or spare him. I spared him as this is needed for the hardest achievement in the game. You will now receive the Sewers Weapon Chip as well as the Ooze Spitter.

Go to the right, save at the couch and use the Ooze Spitter to form platforms and head up.

Teleport back to Naomi’s lab. Talk to her and save at the couch on top.

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This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman