Turbo Kid Walkthrough – Part 3 (The Bike)

Turbo Kid Walkthrough


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Acquiring Naomi’s Backpack

Once you make your way out you will meet Ziggy, a drone sent by Naomi. We have to travel east to find Naomi now. Start moving to the right again from where you met Ziggy, and keep going East.

Move up and to the right you will find the path that you cannot access right now without your bike, so take the lower path and keep going till you reach a ladder and head down. Make a way across the traps and the pits and come out the other side.

Keep heading right till you reach a Warp Zone and you can hear Naomi. 

Head right and eventually you run across Naomi and a massive locked gate. She will ask you to retrieve her backpack.  Go back to the left and follow Ziggy. Climb up here and you can save at the couch on top.

Climb to the right and up the ladder and break open the blockage with a charged shot. Keep going to the right and drop down as the upper path is inaccessible at the moment.

Here you will see plants blocking your path that you need use your machete on. But if you crawl to the opposite side of the blocked path you can find a secret room, where you can acquire some scraps and a Short Story.

Crawl back out and slide down the ramp on the right and you will be asked to shoot a head through a basketball hoop which should lead to an all out fight. Kill all the enemies and then pick up Naomi’s backpack. This will end the quest so go back to Naomi’s lab for your reward.

Acquiring the Bike

Naomi will give you your bike as the quest reward and ask you to fetch a package from her storage room. Keep going to the right from the Lab and you  will find Naomi’s storage room.

Use your bike to get on the top right corner of the room and fetch her package. Once you hand over the package to Naomi she will give you a cartridge and will tell you the background behind the Elgius gate we saw earlier and that you need the four powerful weapon chips to get out of the Wastelands and this essentially ends the Quest line for now.

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