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Check out our collectibles guide for Turbo Kid to find out how to find all the Cartridges.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games collectibles guide for Turbo Kid.

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There are a total of 20 Cartridges, the game’s version of powerups for your build.

  1. 2 for each merchant rescued in the zones (4 merchants) = 8
  2. 2 you can get from the merchants already in village = 2
  3. Rest are scattered around world – a total of 10

Also you start with 6 cartridge slots: 1 by default, then each zone merchant you save, slots increase by 1, and finally you get 1 from the starting merchant quest.

Where to find which Cartridge:

  • Magnetic Field

From Naomi’s Prologue Quest

  • Scavenger

Buy from Dr. Dealgood in the village

  • Can Licker

Buy from Dr.Dealgood

  • Hardboiled

Buy from Terrence

  • Sticky Tires

Buy from Terrence

  • Leech Slash

Buy from Balzakan

  • Ghost Walk

Buy from Balzakan

  • Grounded

Buy from Crissa

  • Quantum Power Cell

Buy from Crissa

  • Loot Sensor

Buy from Old Gregor (You can find the location of the Antennae below to complete Gregor’s quest)

  • Cartographer

Buy from Old Gregor

  • Bird Dance

Complete Razamataz’s Quest (Show 5 different bike skins)


  • Critical Concentration

Challenge the Lightning Dome Arena

Level 2 – First Prize

  • Spider Grip

Challenge the Lightning Dome Arena

Level 3 – 1rst Prize

  • Eyes, Throat, Genitals

Cliffs to Church

  • Tumbleweed

Skatepark – Race

  • Sour Lemons

Skatepark Basement

  • Taser Bike

Junkyard Processing

Sonic Speed

Lower Sewers

That concludes our Cartridges location guide for Turbo Kid!

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This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman