Turbo Kid Walkthrough – Part 5 (Skate Park Weapon Chip)

Turbo Kid Walkthrough


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Check out our walkthrough of Turbo Kid to find out how to explore the skate park and complete the 3 trials of the Whack Sisters to get into the Hall of Bliss.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Turbo Kid.

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The First Trial

As we begin this part of the walkthrough, we are situated on this couch in this location in the map.  

Move to the right from the couch till you reach the steep wall. Use your spiked wheels to go up the wall and jump off the ladder and  climb up. save at the couch  on top. Head to the right from the couch, climb up the ladders and take the enemies out. 

Keep heading up till you reach the next couch where you can save, next to a tall ladder. 

In the room on the right of the couch you see a ladder that you can climb up for a secret room where you can find a Verse.

Climb up the ladder and head to the right for another secret room where you can loot another Verse. If you follow this path through, you will be in the Upper Sewers. So turn back.

Head to the left, past the rats’ nests till you get to a steep wall. Use your Spiked Wheels to climb up here.

From the top, you will notice a ladder heading up but if you go to the right you can pick up a Short Story.

Head back up the ramp and climb up the ladders, as the path to the left is a dead end. At the top of the ladder go to the right and kill the enemies to pick up another Verse.

Go up the ladder here and clear the rats out. Climb up the next ladder here and clear the rats and the enemy out. Keep climbing up and clearing the floors out. Once you reach the top level, go to the right and up to pick up a Short Story.

Hit the green switch on the right and this will lock the door you came in through but open the door on the other side. Drop down and use your bike to elevate up the tunnel and climb back out again. Pick up the loot here on the left door that is now open and head back down as it leads to a dead end.

Go down and back to the floor where you can head left to connect to the major level of this area.

Move up this part till you get up to the couch where you can save, as in the picture below.

Head back all the way up to the main area of the Skate Park and head to the location on the map below. 

Talk To Becca here. She will ask you to break open the last GG case. 

Move to the left and climb up the Ramp of Judgement with your Spiked Wheels. Speak to Paddy here. This completes the First Trial.

The Second Trial

Move to the left and up the wall with your Spiked Wheels, keep moving to the right once you reach the top though. Ignore the ladder going up and head to the right.

Keep going till you reach this save point on the map. 

Head up now on the right till you reach the open space and crawl to the right for a hidden path. This will lead you to an Audio Cassette.

Now move to the left and you can crawl through a crawlspace on the left, as shown in the picture below. Here you will find a Short Story. 

Move to the right, using your bike as your traversal equipment till you reach the Warp Zone as in the map below. 

Head up the ladder and move to the left to eventually reach a couch and talk to Laurent Lasalle. Keep talking to Laurent and answering “No” to get an Audio Cassette. 

Move to the left and keep going till you reach the couch as on the map below. 

Drop down and keep moving to the right, following the path and you will find Razamataz in the location marked on the map below. He wants to see your bike skins – Each Race mini game and Tricks mini game gives 1 Bike Skin as a first prize reward.

Go back around and up to the top, as shown in the location below – past where you met Laurent to find Knick.

Win the race here and Knick will give you her approval. 

The Third Trial

Go back down to the location on the map below for the 3rd trial. Impress Knack with your tricks. 

Now make your way up to the top, from the ladder where we passed Knick’s trial. Here is the location on the map. Talk to them and they will let you pass through The Hall of Bliss.

Boss Fight : Becca

Save at the next couch and enter’s Becca’s arena. Here are our tips for the fight:

  1. There are 4 locations with switches that you need to hit to progress through the stages. The first stage will have two switches on the top left and right.

2. Avoid the big chainsaw and use your Spiked wheels to get up to these locations and hit the switches. The other two locations are the one on top as in the picture above and there is one below.

3. Once you hit these switches avoiding the giant chainsaw moving around the room, Becca will summon adds and once you take them out – they will drop health pickups.

4. After the adds are done, Becca joins the fray. Dodge her saw blades and wait for her to stop and charge. This will give you an opening to whale on her with melee attacks.

Once she is beaten, you get the choice to let her live or kill her. (The hardest acheivement in the game requires you to let all the bosses live) I chose to let her live and she gave the Skate Park Weapon Chip.

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This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman