Laika: Aged Through Blood – Walkthrough Part 7

Laika: Aged Through Blood Walkthrough

Welcome to part 7 of Into Indie Games’ walkthrough for Laika: Aged Through Blood.

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Back at Area: Where we live, Let’s take stock of what quests we have in our Journal.

  • Quest: Stargazing
  • Quest: The Big Tree
  • Quest:  A New Sheriff in Town
  • Quest: Bone Flour
  • Quest: A Little Tomb Stone
  • Quest: Where We Used to Live
  • Quest: From Mother to Daughter
  • Quest: Worse than Nightmares
  • Quest: The Prophecy

Head right and exit the town. Go across the Area: Where our bikes growl till you get to the Area: Where our Ancestors rest.  Once there, go to the far right, turn around, and start going up. Go past Unae and head upwards. Keep going till you reach the location in the picture below. You will find Item: Thistle Stems. The Quest: Worse Than Nightmares will be updated.

Head up and to the left, till you reach the chest we couldn’t previously reach. Shotgun jump up to it. You will receive the Blueprint: Machine Gun.

Head back down to the Teleport Checkpoint on the far right and teleport to Dead Bomb in the Area: Where Doom Fell.

From here, head left and up. Use the steep wall at the end to get to the chest and head right from here. Keep going up the mountains to exit the area and enter Area: Where Iron Caresses the Sky. Keep going right. Go up the ramp and shoot the RPG bird on the upper hill. Now drop down to the cave below and take out the birds. Inside you will meet Renato and a chest will be there as well. Update your map and shoot the chest. Head to the left and back up to the upper hill and head right.

At the top, activate the checkpoint. Drop down and take out the RPG bird here. There are two more birds to the right, take them out and get the chest.

Drop down and head left now. Get a head start to jump on the higher mountain. Go up the wall to shoot the bird on the opposite cliff to your jump apex. Do the same for the other bird on the top and land on the platform on the right as in the picture and head right.


Keep going towards the bridge and take the bird out there. After the bridge you will come across another Gas Station. Inside you can buy Cassette: Lonely Mountain.


Shoot the vending machine outside and head to the right to exit this area and enter Area: Where All Was Lost. Stop at the location shown in the picture below to update the Quest: A Little Tomb Stone. Head to the right and take the chest on top of a shack.


In the shack area, enter the second shack. A simple flashback cutscene/gameplay segment will play out. Follow instructions as they appear. The Quest: Where We Used to Live will be updated. Go outside and get on your bike to head right. Talk to Renato to update your map. Head right and take the birds on your way out. Go across the bridge and up the hill. There are more birds here, take them out. Keep going right till you hit a tricky triple jump up a shoulder and then to the the location in the picture below.


Shoot the vending machine and take the Cassette here. Turn around and head left, till you hit the cave opening and head down. Take out the birds inside and keep heading down. Keep going right till you hit the location in the picture below to pick up a new Quest: Clean your Beak.


Turn left and head down. Keep going till you hit the bottom. On the right side wall there are two ores on top, get them. Go left from here and drop down. There is another ore and another bird before the drop.


Drive to the right and keep heading down. Once you are out of the cave system, head right. Up the ramps on the road – collecting loot on your way. Keep heading right till you hit an entrenched machine gun bird and take it out. Keep moving right to exit the area. You have entered the Area: Where Birds Lurk. Keep heading right till you hit the red gear, turn around here and head up.


Take out the birds and keep moving up. Lots of birds are here, keep clearing them out. Keep moving upwards till you come across Renato, update your map from him. And move to the left and up, changing directions as you see fit. At the top head right, ignoring the red gear for now and head right. Take out all the birds in the area. Once at the far-right side, head left and down. We are inside a bunker, take out the birds here and keep moving till you reach the Teleport Checkpoint and teleport back to Dead Bomb. Head right and up the mountain till you get to a checkpoint under a cliff. Get on the cliff in the picture below.


Head up the mountain here and take the Ghost Chilli as well. Keep clearing the birds out. Head left till you come across a broken bridge and a bird with an entrenched machine gun on top. Take them all out. From the top turn right till you hit this barred door. Shoot it down.


Head right and up. There are more birds waiting here. Take them out as you make your way up the mountain. Take the chest in the location pictured below and turn left from here.


Jump onto the other side and head left. Hit the checkpoint and keep heading left. There are broken-up platforms at different heights here, take the birds on each platform out and keep moving up.  


At the top there is a boombox, shoot it to get the Cassette: Heartbeat from the Last Century. Head right from here to meet Hectist in the location in the picture below. He will give you the Quest: The Bonehead’s Hook.


Jump back across to the other side and keep heading left and up. You will soon meet Renato. Update your map as usual. Turn to the right and head to the wooden stairs.

Head up these stairs, taking out the birds and grabbing the loot. Till you reach the top, park your bike and talk to Dalia. This will update Quest: Stargazing. Head back down the stairs. Turn right at the base of the stairs and keep going till you hit the Teleport Checkpoint. Use the teleport to get to the Mines Entrance in the Area: Where Rocks Bleed.

Head left from here to Area: Where Rust Weaves. Keep heading left till you reach the area in the picture below.  You will find the Item: Hook here.

The Quest: The Bonehead’s Hook will be updated. We are now going back to Hectist. Head back to the teleport checkpoint we arrived at in Where Rocks Bleed and teleport to Dalia’s Observatory. Head left back towards the bridges and turn right from the bird with the entrenched machine gun. You will receive a call. in front of the cave in the picture below. The Quest: The Bonehead’s Hook will be updated.

Enter the cave. Drop down to the floor and head right till you get to the location in the picture below.

A call from Hectist will come in. Follow the instructions and the Quest: The Bonehead’s Hook will be updated. Turn left and head that way till you reach the location in the picture below.

Carry the bomb back the way you came and blow up the blockage. Make your way out of the cave by going right till you hit a dead end, turn around and jump the small gap and keep moving left and up. Keep going till you meet Hectist. The Quest: The Bonehead’s Hook will be updated. Take out the statue. Talk to Hectist to complete the quest. Keep moving left and exit the cave. Head left, take the bird with the machine gun out and move down and across to the right towards the Teleport checkpoint and a merchant.

Buy the Item: Flute Cleaning Brush from him. The Quest: Clean Your Beak will be updated. Buy the candle and head right to another statue. Pull it down.

Head back to the teleport checkpoint and Teleport back to the Area: Where we Live. Inside the bar talk to the guy sitting with crutches for the Quest: Last Meal. Talk to Maya to complete the Quest: Where We Used to Live. She will give you a new Quest: Target Practice. Sleep and in the morning talk to Carey to complete the Quest: Worse than Nightmares. Talk to Maniu to complete the Quest: StarGazing. Talk to Kris to complete the Quest: Bone Flour. Talk to Alfredo to complete the Quest: A New Sheriff in Town. Talk to Pebble to complete the Quest: A little Tomb Stone.

That concludes Part 7 of our Walkthrough for Laika: Aged Through Blood. You can find Part 8 here. (Coming Soon)

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This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman