Laika: Aged Through Blood – Walkthrough Part 11

Laika: Aged Through Blood Walkthrough

Welcome to part 11 – the final part of Into Indie Games’ Walkthrough for Laika: Aged Through Blood.

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In town now, lets take stock of all the Quests in our Journal.

  • Water Whispers
  • First Blood
  • Worse than Stomach Flu
  • Family Tree
  • We’ll Never Know

Exit the area. Ride across Area: Where Our Bikes Growl and head towards Area: Where the waves die via the tunnel in the picture below.

Once here, ride to the right until you meet Troubled Father, talk to him to receive the Quest: Just a little girl. Move to the right from here, take the birds out and head downwards from the location in the picture below.

Keep riding to the right till you reach an intersection, turn there and go down and right. Once you are at the bottom, near the broken-up platforms with the zigzagging path upwards – go up towards the right to the top most platform – check the picture below. You will find the Item: Missile in the chest.

Head down to the floor and head left, taking the birds out here. Go up the bend and across the checkpoint, and head left towards the Seaport. Keep going till you reach the sea shell in the picture below, pick it up for the Item: Sea Shell. The Quest: Water Whispers will be updated. Head right again and at the ramp where the Hectist is, go up. Go left and head upwards to the top to find a statue. Take it down. Make judicious use of the Turbo Jump. Beyond the statue talk to Han. You will receive the Quest: The Last Erhu. Turn right, staying on the upper path past the Seaport sign – till you meet Renato, update your map here.

Keep moving right now, taking the birds out along the way. You should be back at the Troubled Father quest giver, keep heading right again but this time stick o the upper path. Near the exit to this area you will find a dead body, pick up the diary from the dead body to update the Quest: Just a Little Girl.

Turn left and ride back to the Troubled Father. Talk to him to complete the Quest: Just a Little Girl. Move to the right again, keep going till you reach the location in the picture below and head down.

Keep to the right and at the bottom take the tunnel out of the area. Entering Area: Where Doom Fell, keep going right and then up at the next intersection. Follow the path up to the Teleport Checkpoint and fast-travel to the Big Tree’s Roots. Once here move to the left to exit the area, entering the Area: Where Birds Came From, head left and stick to the upper paths. Keep going left till you hit a break in the path and head down.

We are going right now, keep heading that way and taking the birds on your way out. Keep heading right across the bridges till you reach the location in the picture below for Banana Leaf for the Quest: Worse than Stomach Flu.

At the intersection ahead, head down and across the bridges. At the end, turn and keep heading down. Traversing across the hanging bridges, clear the area. Keep going till you reach the location in the picture below. Get off your bike and plant the seed to update the Quest: We’ll Never Know.

Turn back now, head to the left retracing our path back. Keep to the path and head left. Move up at the end and keep going up till you find the Ghost, a quest giver. You will receive the Quest: Fade Out. Turn right and back towards where we came from. Kill 7 birds here. Return to the Ghost to complete the Quest: Fade out. Head left from the Ghost and exit the area. Entering Area: Where the Iron Caresses the Sky, keep moving left till you reach the teleport point. Head back to town. Talk to Hilda to complete the Quest: Water Whispers. Talk to Primo to complete the Quest: We’ll Never Know. In the morning, check your mailbox. Now run to Shaza’s hut for the Quest: Hell High. Go to the teleport checkpoint and fast travel to Area: Where our Ancestors Rest. Head left from here to enter the Area: Where we spy on the birds. Head left and a call from Shaza will come in eventually. At the end, head up. Once on the upper path head right. At the dead end jump up to the upper path.

Keep on the upper path till you reach a steep climb up. Go up turn right and head to the right. Another steep ramp, ride it up. Shoot the bird on the opposite platform and land there. Follow the path up. Eventually, you should reach the place where we placed the radio. Turn left and jump up to the upper path.

Head left and get on the top path. Go through the fans and the doorway at the end. After entering the Area: Hangar, a call from Pluck will come in. Go through the fan and at the checkpoint turn right and head that way. Keep moving right now, jumping across the platforms till you reach the next checkpoint. Float across the next areas till you reach the location in the picture below. Shoot the gear.

Head left now, float up to the upper platform, and keep traveling left. Float through this long corridor and clear the area. Keep moving till you reach a ramp with a checkpoint on top. Keep going left till you reach the area with the big fans and float upwards here.  

At the very top, land on the left platform and go through the fan. Head down the path and shoot the gear. Kill the bird here and jump across. Once on the other side, hit the checkpoint and keep going right. Once you find Renato, update your map. Now get up on the top path. And head right, clearing the area of birds. At the next fan, head up using the half pipe.

Head right and then up using the two circular platforms.

Walkthrough for Laika

Head right to exit the area. Entering the Control Area, move right till you find Pluck. The Quest: Hell High will be updated. Head right now, downwards till you find Renato. Update your map here. Exit the area and enter City Facilities. Head right till a call from Pluck comes in eventually. Head right and follow the path till you reach this junction and head down.

Walkthrough for Laika

Keep following this path till you see Renato. Turn right and head through the fans. Clear the area and keep to the right. Once you reach the junction in the picture below, head up till you reach the gears.

Walkthrough for Laika

Shoot the gear and head through the open door. Clear the room to head to the top platform. Shoot the valve on top to update the Quest: Hell High. Follow the path on the right to get back to Pluck in the control area. Talk to Pluck to update the Quest: Hell High. Turn to the left and take the big fan jump to the top most left platform.

Walkthrough for Laika

Take the chest here and drop down the platform below. Exit the area and enter the Factory, and follow the left path. Keep going across the fan jumps till you reach the big beam at the end. Ride it up utilizing the coves at each level till you reach the top. Head right from the top till you reach a big room with a locked door and a gear. Clear the room, shoot the gear and head right. Shoot the gear to open a path and keep heading right till you reach the Factory valve.

Walkthrough for Laika

Turn around and head out of this area. Back at the control area, go right and jump across both fan jumps keeping to the top platforms and exit the area. You should enter the Area: Old Town and keep heading right. Follow the path, keeping to the upper path till you reach the gear in the picture below.

Walkthrough for Laika

Shoot it to keep going. Shoot the next gear and follow the path to the right. Drop down and follow this path now. At the drop when this path ends, head right. Enter the door at the end to enter the Office Hub. Use the elevator to get up on the upper floor. Clear the area and use the gears and elevators to switch sides. Eventually, you will reach the area in the picture below. Beyond it is the gas valve. Shoot to update the Quest: Hell High and exit the area back to the control room.

Walkthrough for Laika

At the control area, talk to Pluck again. Press the button. The Quest: Hell High will be updated. Jump in the beam behind you. You will reach the Area: Heaven. You will fight the final Boss: The Two-Beak God.

Walkthrough for Laika

The boss is as simple as it can be. The two heads dart around in diagonal directions, their eyes glow red when they are about to move. Just dodge using the ramps on either side and kill them.

A call from Puppy will come in. The Egg will drop, follow after it. Shoot all the birds chasing you in freefall. Once you catch up to the bomb, keep shooting the bomb to end the game.

This concludes our Walkthrough for Laika: Aged through Blood. This walkthrough should get you 90% of the quests. If you would like a 100% guide, a weapons guide or an achievement guide, please let us know in the comments and we will complete it for you.

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman