Laika: Aged Through Blood – Walkthrough Part 2

Laika: Aged Through Blood Walkthrough

Welcome to part 2 of Into Indie Games’ walkthrough for Laika: Aged Through Blood.

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Enjoy the ride with Laika and Jakob, the game’s intro credits running across the majestic orange sky, and the beautiful title track playing.

Area: Where We Live

From the bonfire, start walking left till you see an interact prompt over a house. It’s Maya’s House.

Go up to here and talk to Maya. You will receive a new quest and item – it’s the blueprint for the Shotgun.

Exit Maya’s house and start walking left till you reach another house with a prompt. Enter Area: Where We Dream. Talk to Puppy. You will receive a new Quest: A Heart for Poochie.

Now walk to the right and press the prompted button to put Puppy to sleep. You can check your cookbook here and you can exit your house. Exit the house.

It’s morning now. A call comes in from Molly. Get on your bike and ride to the right till you reach the gunsmith, Zooey.

The Quest: Old Warfare will be updated. If you talk to Zooey again, you will see you are missing the materials to craft the shotgun – it requires 20 Shale, 20 Poor Metal, 20 Wood, and 1 Rich Metal. Walk to the left and talk to Manu’s Shop. She is a shopkeeper that sells crafting items, don’t bother right now with buying anything.

Walk to the right now, till you reach Alfredo. Talk to him for the Quest: A New Sheriff In Town.

Walk right now and talk to Molly about Jakob’s ashes. Accept the new Quest: The Remnants.

Walk right again, till you reach the Area: Where We Forget and go inside. Talk to Camilla inside for the Quest: A Break for Camilla. Leave, back to the main area. Go right. Talk to Mina. There is a fast travel point outside where you can keybind weapons. If you have made either the shotgun or the crossbow. You will find the bindings here. There seems to be Six weapons slots available.

Get on the bike and exit through the gate on the far right.

Area: Where our Bikes growl

Move to the right and talk to Inok to receive your gift. You get a clue about Cassette collectibles. Jump up the ramp on to the cliff and speed to the right.

Hit the checkpoint on your way. Keep going till you reach the next checkpoint in front of a billboard. You will meet Renato there. He is a map maker, spend the cash to update your map.

Get moving again to the right, till you hit a closed door. Get up on the higher part of the hill and keep going till you meet Kai. He will need new guitar strings. Go back the way you came and up the hill and out of this area.


Area: Where Our Ancestors Rest

Keep going right till you hit the checkpoint. Drift and turn left and go up the hill next to the checkpoint. Shoot the chest at the end.


Drift and turn and go up the hill to the right. Keep going till you reach the end and get off your bike to talk to Unae.


Give her Jakob’s ashes.  This completes the Quest: The Remnants. Talk to Unae for the new Quest: Shake off the Dead Leaves.


Go back down and past the checkpoint to Area: Where Our Bikes Growl. You can go back all the way back to Area: Where We Live for a new Quest: Family Tree. Otherwise, continue right. There are two birds right after the next jump. They will be beneath you, take them out. As you land on the ramp there are two more birds waiting on the other side. This is tricky, so keep trying till you kill all 4. Alternatively, you can speed past them.


Up ahead there are more birds, on top of a truck and on a half ramp on the right. Take them both out and get on the ramp. A call comes in from Puppy.


Activate the checkpoint as you go past. Beyond the tank here, there are 3 more birds stacked on top of each other. Take them out. This is quite hard to figure out. But bullet time is a lifesaver here.


Head back towards the hills that leads to Area: Where our Ancestors Rest. Go past Unae and past the merchant and head up higher for the Quest: A Heart for Poochie.


Here, hit the honeycomb on top of the cliff as well as the ore. After that go up and there is a locked box on top that you can’t reach.


Now, go to the right and get on the tree trunk going across the screen. You will meet Renato again so update your map again.


Go up the steep cliff on your right. Shoot the chest and collect the loot on your way. There is a loop de loop ahead with a bird on top of the cliff. Go up the loop and shoot the bird in the air, using bullet time. Another one will be further down the road, shoot that one too. Keep going left and up. Kill the next bird on top of a cliff.


At the next jump, take out the bird behind you at the top. Continue left to hit the next checkpoint. Jump across another ramp and take the bird out under you. Hit the ore too at the far end.

Pick up the ores and jump the next ramp. There are three bird positioned on different angles here and a chest in the middle.

Be careful and time your shots to take them all out and shoot the chest. Jump across to shoot another bird and go up the steep ramp to activate the checkpoint. At the end is an ore on top and a boombox to get a Cassette.

Go back right and jump across to the other side of the tree. Now, go up the loop do loop here and take out the bird on the other side standing next to a ramp. Use the same ramp now, to get up higher to find a chained tree and a chest.


Hit the checkpoint here and after that The Quest: Shake off the Dead Leaves gets updated. Move to the right and you will come across 7 more birds. Solve this murder puzzle as best you can. It took me a few tries. My advice would be to use bullet time and take the ones up at the top first. Left to right worked best for me.


Keep moving up branch to branch, till you reach a steep climb. Here the Quest: Family Tree will be updated. At the top is a tree with a hole in it. Prepare for a boss fight.


If you have gotten the balancing act down for handling your bike, this is a pretty simple boss. He has a ton of birds hanging off him as he jumps from hole to hole across the top of your screen. Just keep using the two bottom half pipes to gain air and keep shooting the birds to chip away the boss’ health for a victory. Enjoy the cutscene. Pick up the Heartglaze Flower for the Quest: A Heart for Poochie. Leave back to the Area: Where our Ancestors rest and a call will come in. Move right and head down till you find Renato again. Update your map again.


A call from Maya will come in. Jump across the large tree stump and on to the next platform. Shoot the chest here. Soon you will be back where you killed the 7 birds. Head right and down from here. 

Head down the ramp here and kill the two birds at the end. Head further down till you hit a checkpoint. Activate it and drift to turn. Move right now. Across a jump and across. Two more birds at the end here and an ore here. Further ahead is another bird and a chest. It’s a dead end. Head back to the left and down. Take down the bird on your way down. Head right and hit that jump and keep going across. Another bird here, take it out.

Make the huge jump here and land to keep going right. Two more birds in a row. Take them out. Head down the mountain till you reach the Fast Travel point at the bottom and teleport back to Area: Where We Live. But before then talk to Unae once more to finish Quest: Shake off the Dead Leaves.

It’s night time and Kai is playing music with his feet.

Go back to your house and give Puppy the flower. Quest: A Heart for Poochie is complete.

That concludes Part 2 of our walkthrough for Laika: Aged Through Blood. You can find part 3 here.

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This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman