Laika: Aged Through Blood – Walkthrough Part 4

Laika: Aged Through Blood Walkthrough

Welcome to part 4 of Into Indie Games walkthrough for the of Laika: Aged Through Blood.

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Go back across the huge locked door to the checkpoint. Activate the computer console here

This will activate the mechanical heart so you can shoot the gear in the next area. Go left from the console and hit the checkpoint and the gear. Take the ramp to the upper level across.

Jump off the ramp and shoot the bird at the bottom. Be careful of the bird on top and across, you should be able to take both of them out in one go. There are two more birds right behind them. In the next area, don’t slow down and hit the wall at the end and go up. Shoot the birds from the top of the screen here. Shoot the ore, honeycomb and the gear to extend a platform. Land on the newly extended platform and then take out the bird with the rocket launcher below.

Activate the gear here to open a door below. Move right back towards where you came from to get a chest. Then go back to where the swinging platform is and head down to the checkpoint on the other side.

Walkthrough for Laika

There is a dip next, gather speed and jump up. Shoot the chest on the top platform. You will now come across a series of red gears and platforms.

Shoot them all to form a pathway to the open door. Go left from here and activate the checkpoint. Drop down below, shoot the bird and go across the lowest part of the cave. Go up the ramp but shoot the gear to flip the platform to the other side. Go up across it to the top and shoot the chest here. Shoot the bones across to the right and drop down. You will come across to the gear you just passed, shoot it and go up the ramp to the left now.

Shoot the chest and drop down to the pathway that we just made. Enter the doorway for the boss fight.


Walkthrough for Laika

The boss chases you across the screen shooting rockets at you. Keep dodging and shooting the rockets, all the while making jumps. Be careful as there are birds that will come up below you. The boss opens his mouth at regular intervals and has a brain in his mouth. Shoot it to hurt it. Repeat 3 times. There will be one bird at the first jump, then there will be 2 gears you have to shoot to make ramps. After two more jumps there will be three birds. Three more jumps after and another red gear. It will open its mouth now, shoot it but be careful there are 3 more birds ahead. 3 more jumps and another gear. After another jump, there is a gear at the far end, shoot it for the ramp. It will open its mouth, shoot it to end Phase 1 of the boss fight.

Keep going, shooting gears to activate the ramps. At the end, you will find 1st Key to the Pit and a call will come in. Exit the area. We are back where we entered. Head down from here. Shoot the gear to open up the way down and head down.

Walkthrough for Laika

Hit the checkpoint. Drop down and take the chest. Across the room are two more birds – one with an RPG. Take them out. Hit the gear here, to place the ramps in such a way to open your path across to the other side. Enter the door here for Phase 2 of the boss fight.

Walkthrough for Laika


Same deal as before, except the boss moves faster and shoots faster rockets. Keep jumping over obstacles, killing birds, shooting his rockets and when he opens his mouth – shoot the brain inside his mouth. At the end, you will find the 2nd Key to the Pit.

Walkthrough for Laika

Exit the area, back to where we entered. Go right from here. Up across the jagged rocks. Shoot the bird on top here. Hit the gear and go across to find Renato again. Update your map. Go right, across a giant skeleton and hit the gears to activate ramps.

Walkthrough for Laika

On the other side, shoot the birds and the bone ores. Go up the ramp on the left and onto the second floor. Shoot the gear to drop the ramp. Jump across the other side to shoot the bird. Go up the ramp on the right at the end and shoot the gear to activate another ramp. Jump across and shoot the bird. At the far end in the left there is another steep ramp, go up to the topmost floor and shoot the gear to activate the ramp. Jump off the ramp and shoot the gear to activate another right ramp on the top floor. Land and go across to the far end and jump to the upper level and go across the ramp to hit the checkpoint.

Walkthrough for Laika

At the end, go up another ramp to land on the topmost platform and go across the statues here. There are two birds guarding a chest here and two more further down with RPGs, take them out.

Walkthrough for Laika

Shoot the bone ore and then the gear to activate the ramp ahead. Jump across. We are back at the giant locked door. Go left from here and at the intersection shoot the gear to go to the left bottom road. Keep going till you see a steep climb upwards with a chest we shot before. Shoot all the birds here.

Walkthrough for Laika

Get to the loop de loop and manipulate the switch to use the ramp to get to the doorway.


Walkthrough for Laika

It’s a bit trickier now. Bombs drop from the top as well as the boss shooting rockets at you. But the overall idea is the same. Dodge/shoot bombs from the top, shoot birds, jump over ramps, shoot gears to activate ramps, and keep shooting its brain when it opens its mouth. Repeat 3 times to kill the boss. At the end, you will find the 3rd key to the Pit. Exit the area and head back towards the huge locked door.

Walkthrough for Laika


Same pattern again. Shoot rockets, shoot gears for platforms, shoot bombs from the top, shoot birds, jump over obstacles. Not the most creative boss design, but it is challenging. Keep at it till you can hit the brain for 3 shots to kill boss. Enjoy the cutscene.

Walkthrough for Laika

The Quest: Diplomacy is updated. Head back to Area: Where We Live. It’s nighttime back at home, so go to your house.  Talk to Puppy and give him the Tangerine Tree. Go to sleep. Next morning, talk to Zooey to make the Shotgun. Then talk to Kris to get the Quest: Bone Flour. Enter Area: Where Rules are made and talk to the Elder to end Quest: Diplomacy.

That concludes Part 4 of our walkthrough of Laika: Forged through Blood. You can find part 5 of our Walkthrough for Laika here.

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