Wandersong Story Walkthrough – Act Two

Stuck in Wandersong? This walkthrough will be music to your ears. Read on to find out what to do in the second act of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Wandersong!

Wandersong, like most adventure games, is best played by exploring it freely yourself. But if you’re stuck or you have forgotten what you need to do, do consult this walkthrough!

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Act Two: The Performance at the Crazy Raven

Miriam takes you to her grandma’s cottage, so enter the place and talk to Miriam and her grandma. During your conversation with them, you will also get to name your bard (by singing, naturally). After you’re done, head to the right, then follow the arrow sign boards to descend the hill and enter the blue cave.

Inside the cave, continue descending the platforms, proceed to the next screen and head right until you meet the monster Miriam was talking about.

To deal with the monster as the Bard wants to, you have to counter the winds the monster is throwing at you. The key to doing this is to walk towards the monster, while singing ‘against’ the monster’s winds.

Keep an eye on the lines flying left from the monster. If they are horizontal, then you need to sing ‘right’. If they are diagonal and flying downwards, then you need to sing ‘upper-right’. If they are diagonal and flying upwards, then you need to sing ‘lower-right’. This may take a few tries to get right, so don’t be disheartened!

Once you finally get to the monster and finish your conversation with him, cross the bridge to the right and head to the next screen.

In this screen, head right and jump up the platforms to reach the monster and his boyfriend. As you aren’t able to help the monster at this stage, head to the right, out of the cave. (You can also descend the caves, past the sign board that says “Breathing crystals below”, but there’s nothing to see or do there at the moment).

After exiting the cave, head to the right. There’s a signboard for Delphi Cemetery, but you don’t need to go there right now. Instead, head right into the screen for the town of Delphi.

Feel free to explore this town and talk to people as you see fit. To proceed, you need to talk to Manny, the man standing near Miriam at the entrance of the town. You’ll spot him by his hat and sunglasses.

In order to bring the town’s spirit back, Manny wants to put on a concert at the Crazy Raven. To do so, he needs a band. To showcase your skill as a singer, sing in front of Manny.

While the Bard might serve as a fine singer, you first need to assemble instrumentalists to aid you. There’s two instrumentalists you can get on your side: Viola, who plays the violin; and Ash, who plays the accordion.

For Viola, head to the Eagle Cafe, which is marked by a large board saying ‘Coffee’. In here, talk to Viola in the far-right of the screen and then follow her cues to sing to her violin. Impressed by your singing, she will agree to join your band.

For Ash, head to the Delphi Inn (marked by a large sign saying ‘Inn’). Head to the topmost floor, where you’ll notice that someone is playing an accordion in their room. You’ll have to knock on the door two times before you’re allowed in. Talk to the pink-haired Ash and after the conversation, exit their room.

Outside, you’ll meet Eyala, who will give you a hint about what to do next. After she’s gone, head out of the inn and then exit left from the town, towards the cave you came from. At the board where it says ‘Delphi Cemetery’, jump up and keep going up the hill until you reach a shining gravestone.

Here, sing according to the colour that the gravestone is shining in, and then sing in the coloured direction cues. As you keep singing, Ash’s mother will arise and go to talk to her child.

Now return to Delphi Inn, over to where you found Ash. As Ash can’t talk to ghosts, you will have to help Ash and their mother converse by the power of music. Follow the coloured direction cues again. After it’s over, Ash will agree to play with you.

Now head back to Manny and he’ll tell you about the show at the Crazy Raven. After the conversation backstage, head out the door and the band will start playing. As usual, follow the coloured direction cues (which may come from any of the band members). The show lasts a while, so keep at it.

Wandersong walkthrough

After the show is over, there will be a solo performance by Ash. Turns out this is the Overseer’s song that you were looking for! You don’t have to do anything here.

When you wake up in the morning, head out of the Crazy Raven and to Miriam, who will tell you to sing the Overseer’s song at the breathing crystals in the cave.

As instructed, head back into the cave and go down just after entering it (by the sign board). Continue descending and enter another cave, where you will find a curved crystal. Begin singing here and then follow the notes for the Overseer’s song to get whisked into the spirit world.

In the spirit world, head right to find the mechanic of this section: draughts. You can control the direction of the draught with your singing, so sing ‘right’ to have the wind carry you over the chasm and over to the next platform.

In the next screen, there’s another chasm, but there’s nothing on the platform directly to your right. Instead, drop down with the draught flowing right, and arrive on the lower platform. Here, there’s another draught that will take you straight up if you sing upwards. Jump off to the right and proceed to the next screen.

There’s a lot of draughts in this screen, so jump in and use your singing to control the direction of the wind and take you to the higher platform. Continue using the wind to be sent to the highest platform and then head right. This screen may take a few tries.

In the next screen, use the draught to get to the ledge above. Here, you’ll have to zig-zag across the winds by singing to the upper-right and upper-left alternately. Head right on the uppermost platform to exit the screen.

In the following screen, you once again need to alternate your singing, but if you fail, you will fall into the depths. This time, you need to sing upper-right and lower-right, so that you are pushed through the gaps in the green ice. Head right from the final platform to continue.

The next screen has draughts positioned so that you will have to time things just right to get past. This is a tricky screen, but it’s not very difficult, just remember not to get too impatient. Head right from the final platform.

In this screen you’re taking a windy elevator very high up. Next, cross a couple of vertical gaps, and you’ll find a multi-coloured draught of wind. This is the final one, so take it straight to the Overseer’s castle.

Head right a screen and jump up the stairs to the green organ. Sing into it, and you’ll meet a rather irritated secretary (who is also a bird). After he tells you to go home, continue singing into the organ. You have to sing so that the sound will come from beneath the pipe the bird is sitting on. Keep annoying the bird with your singing and it will fly off, granting you an audience with the Overseer.

After acquiring the piece of the Earthsong, you will be teleported out of the castle. Head right and you’ll find the secretary in the next screen. Jump at him to talk to him and then tell him what you think is right for him to do.

Then, interact with the curving crystal to the right to return to the normal world.

As you attempt to leave the cave here, you’ll once again meet the monster from before. He’ll take you to his boyfriend again, where you can sing to begin another section of singing-soliloquy. Sing according to the marked notes and you will un-paralyse the monster’s boyfriend.

Wandersong screenshot

After saving the monster’s boyfriend, head out of the cave and back to the town. Talk to Miriam, and she’ll inform you of the next step of your journey: into the ocean. After the conversation, head to the right from the town to where Miriam is waiting by the ship. Upon your approval, the ship will set sail into the next act.

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