Wandersong Story Walkthrough – Intermission & Act Four

Stuck in Wandersong? This walkthrough will be music to your ears. Read on to find out what to do in the fourth act of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Wandersong!

Wandersong, like most adventure games, is best played by exploring it freely yourself. But if you’re stuck or you have forgotten what you need to do, do consult this walkthrough!

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Wandersong screenshot

In the intermission, you will play as Audrey. It’s a fairly linear path, but you can swing your sword using the singing controls and deal with the bats along the way. You can also charge your sword by aiming up and watching the red energy fill your sword.

Head right, then up, then right again, across the pillar platforms. When you see the dim light bulb, you can turn it on by shooting your charged sword’s energy at it. This will serve different functions, such as opening paths for you. You can also shoot the light bulb through obstacles in the way.

Head past the owl knight, turning on the light bulbs as you go, and avoiding damage from the enemies. Keep heading right and when you reach the green organ, you’ll finally get to the Overseer.

Once the conversation ends, you’ll enter a boss fight with the Overseer. You need to charge your sword and hit the boss to stun it. You’ll also need to block in the direction of the boss’ attacks to avoid getting hit, and run against the wind emitted by the boss. Keep hitting the boss with your sword and energy attacks until its health bar is completely drained.

Once the conversation is over, the intermission will end and you’ll enter the fourth act of Wandersong (for real this time).

Act Four: March of the Happy Factory

This act starts rather blue. After your conversation with the rainbow girl, head down the stairs and out of your house.

Here, you’re free to explore the city of Chismest, where most people are also rather blue. Exploring this place can be a bit daunting, as you have no clear objective at present and there’s a lot of people who follow a time schedule. You’ll also have an ever-ticking clock at the top of the screen, but don’t worry too much about it, there’s no time limits involved.

If you’re in need of direction, head to the screen with Beth’s Diner and then hop down to the stairs to find a road that leads out of the city. Head right from here to find Miriam, who’ll tell you about the Overseer’s song. Start singing at the nexus point (the same place you’re standing at, talking to Miriam). After the conversation, you’ll get your next objective: to shut down the factory in the town.

To proceed, you need to go to the Diner after midnight. Here, you’ll find a woman at the far right: Elara the Astronomer. She has a plan for shutting down the factory, but you’ll need to assemble a team first. You specifically need three teammates, and you can talk to Elara for hints on who to recruit.

For your first recruit, you need to talk to the crying man who can be seen walking around town during the daytime. Walk around town until you find him, and he’ll tell you he wants to pet the dog in town. As he says, he tries to pet her every night at 9:30 pm in front of the Clocktower Pub.

In order to attract the dog, you need to first head into Beth’s Diner and talk to the owner, Beth. After she serves you your food, take it out of the Diner and meet Winston and dog at 9:30 pm, in front of the Clocktower Pub. If you need to pass time quickly, you can use the benches around town (don’t worry, you won’t lose the food).

When you meet Winston at the specified time and place, give him your plate of food and he’ll finally be able to pet the dog. That’s your first recruit done.

For your second recruit, you need to talk to the musician poet who hangs out on a roof near the Bard’s mom’s house. In order to get to him, you’re going to have to jump across a lot of roofs. Start by jumping on the accessible roof to the left of the singing poet’s building, and head left jumping up and down roofs all cross town. Once you get to the poet, talk to him and he’ll give you his love letter to deliver.

After talking to Peter, you can freely use the door on his roof and the one at the bottom of his house as a shortcut to see him. He’ll inform you of the timings you can meet his crush: 11:30 am to 6:30 pm in front of the factory. Skip time if necessary and head to the front of the factory to find Peter’s blue-haired crush.

Talk to the crush, and after the conversation, take the reply letter back to Peter (remember you can use the shortcut door now). Hand the letter over and Peter will finally agree to join.

For your third recruit, head into your mom’s house and you’ll find Miriam on the couch. Talk to her repeatedly until you finally convince her to join your team.

Once you have all three recruits, head to the diner after midnight and talk to Elara. She’ll inform you of the first step of her plan: to infiltrate the factory. Skip time until it’s the daytime again and go up to the factory, where you’ll find a skeezy looking man standing by the orange doorway.

Talk to the suited man and agree to work in the factory. Head to the left, and you’ll find the rest of the gang waiting for you. Head further left to the factory floor and the skeezy suited man will inform you what you need to do to work at the factory.

You don’t need to follow his instructions as you are executing your plan to shut down the factory, but do head towards the pile of coal. Here, you’ll find Miriam whistling a tune. Repeat the tune with your own singing and she’ll turn the tune into music. Next, repeat the process for Winston, who is standing on top of the coal pile. Head to the middle of the factory floor and repeat the process for Peter.

This will open up the stairway to the right of the furnace. Head up the stairs until you find the orange-bearded man and repeat his tune to get him playing. Head all the way left and then hop down to find the bald man with the moustache. Repeat his tune as well to get him playing his violin. From here, head up the stairs to the white-haired balding man (who has a gold chain around his neck). Repeat his tune to get him playing.

Head back down to the factory floor and the skeezy man will want to take you to the Baron. Head up the stairs and exit via the newly opened doorway to the right.

Wandersong screenshot

Head past Elmer and all the way up the stairs, past the pink double-doors. Head all the left to finally meet the Baron. After your conversation with the Baron, head right and exit the room.

Now that the factory is shut down, head back to the outskirts of the city, where you first found Miriam. You’ll need to meet her at night in order to activate the nexus point, as that’s the only time the Annual Lights are visible. Start singing the Overseer’s song next to her, and you’ll get whisked into the spirit world.

The spirit world for this act is very orangey. Head right and get yourself familiarised with the moving platforms and the rotating gears. Be mindful of the orange saw blades below! You’ll have to jump across several moving platforms to make it to the right end of the screen. This may take several tries, as it requires some precise timing and jumping.

In the next screen, jump down to the bottom platform, where you’ll find a clock you can manipulate. If you hold a singing note, you will freeze time. If you sing anti-clockwise, you can reverse the flow of time. If you sing clockwise, you can restore the flow of time. Reversed time is marked by a purple ambience, while normal time has orange ambience.

Reverse time so that you can jump onto the cogs to the right and use them to head onto the ledge above.

Head right, past the cog and then use the cogs on either side to jump up to a vertically moving platform. Let the platform take you up and head right. Here, you’ll find a pair of saw blades heading downwards at regular intervals. Jump from platform to platform while avoiding them and then head left. The moving obstacles will get in your way, but you should be able to get past by jumping a lot.

Next, you’ll encounter another pair of saw blades, but this time, you need to time your jumps between the two saw blades. Make your way up from platform to platform and then head right past a couple of gears. You’ll finally find the clock you can manipulate on this screen. Restore time to turn the world orange, and run all the way back to the two main gears. Head right past the gear to go to the next screen.

In this screen, you need to reverse time to hop onto the first gear, and then restore time just as you jump onto the next gear. Be careful, as there’s a saw blade between the two gears. Let the second gear take you to the right, and then hop down to the lower gear. Keep jumping on the cogs of the bottom gear until the gear to the right reveals a deep opening.

Enter this deep opening and go all the way in to avoid the saw blades above the gear. Let the gear take you to the right, and then jump upwards out of the opening. You should be in range of a clock to reverse time if necessary. Jump on top of the gear with the deep opening and onto the next gear, which is above the gear (and to the left of the clock pillar).

Ride this gear to the left, jump onto the next gear, and then onto the platform. Restore the flow of time here and ride the gears until you find a clock. Reverse time, and continue climbing up the gears, heading right past the 4-pronged gears. Once you make it to the platform, head right.

Hear, you’ll find sawblade-lined blocks that slam the corridor floor. Move right just after the block slams the floor and you’ll easily make it past the block. Wait in the middle, and then repeat the process for the second block.

Wandersong screenshot

Head right past the platform and you’ll encounter a series of blocks. Just after the first block hits the ground, start heading right and don’t let up until you’re clear of the blocks. Here, you’ll find a new kind of clock, where you can not only control the direction of time, but also the speed of time. For now, just keep it flowing forwards at normal speed and get past the blocks.

Head right to find a long platform that retracts periodically. Jump onto it and head right while timing your jumps just right. This may take a few tries to get the timing right.

At the next clock, you need to make the time flow forward at double speed. This will give you enough momentum to be launched upwards by the next platform. Head right from the upper ledge to find a series of alternating blocks. Run past them to find a clock immediately after. Change the speed of time back to normal and get past the next series of blocks. At the next clock, you need to pause time by holding a single note. Do so when the block is above you, so you can pass under it.

Next, run past the pair of blocks and then while the next blocks are still above you, pause time and run all the way to the right.

In the next screen, set time to flow forwards at normal speed. Then, jump onto the moving platform and ride it to the right. Jump over the saw blades and ride the platform upwards. Once you are between the two saw blades, pause time and walk to the right of the platform to avoid the saw blades. Head up and wait for the gate to open, then jump past it. This part may take several tries.

Wandersong screenshot

Get onto the thick platform and speed up time to have the platform launch you up.

After this, you will have to get onto another moving platform and ride it (or ride multiple platforms) to the right. You also have to avoid being blocked by the obstacles in the way. This may take several tries as you need to combine jumping with timing and also reverse, restore, and speed up time as necessary.

Head onto the next platform and ride it all the way to the right. Just as it is about to drop into the saw blades, pause time and jump off onto the safe platform. From here, head right and you’ll finally find the Overseer’s castle.

At the castle’s gate, sing clockwise to lower the gate all the way down. Enter the castle and head right, then up the stairs, to meet the Overseer’s fairy. Answer its questions as you wish and then when you are told to wait, do just that: wait.

There’s no trick here – you really need to wait until the ‘call hold’ music finishes. Once the fairy lets you pass, head right to find a rather odd state of affairs.

After the long cutscene, head right to the Dream King. Talk to him and then head left to where the battle was taking place. After conversing with Miriam, you’ll be able to get the piece of the Earthsong.

In the red area, head to the right until you find the crown. Jump here to start the rhythm section for this piece of the Earthsong. You need to jump at the right time to match the rhythm displayed above the crown. Once you match all the rhythms with your jumping, you’ll gain the piece of the Earthsong.

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