Wandersong Story Walkthrough – Prologue & Act One

Stuck in Wandersong? This walkthrough will be music to your ears. Read on to find out what to do in the prologue and first act of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Wandersong! Wandersong, like most adventure games, is best played by exploring it freely yourself. But if you’re stuck or you have forgotten what you need to do, do consult this walkthrough! For more information on Wandersong, check out its official website here.


Wandersong screenshot Start by heading to the right, jumping up as necessary, until you get to the sword. Once you are in possession of the sword, you can wield it in any angle, as shown by the on-screen control hint. Attempt to attack the mysterious (and sinister) entity that has appeared, and once you lose your sword, use the same controls to start singing instead. Switch between different notes until the sinister entity reveals itself.

Act One: The Haunting in Langtree

Wandersong screenshot Good morning, sunshine! Head out of the house once you wake up and head to the right. You may talk to the masked man if you like. To proceed right, you will need to befriend the birds. Watch the notes that they sing (they are coded by colour and direction), and then repeat those same notes to befriend the bird. Then, jump onto the previously-impassable ledge, thanks to the aid of your birdy friend. Continue heading right into the town. Talk to the short man in the first house you see, and he’ll inform you about his ghost problem. Enter his house, where you’ll find the terrified mayor – and a spooky ghost. Wandersong screenshot The ghost will play notes that are indicated by colour and direction. Repeat those, and you’ll weaken it. Do it one more time to further weaken the ghost, and then one last time to make it really small and eventually disappear. After the conversation, head out back to town and explore it, talking to people and learning about what’s going on. To proceed, you will have to exorcise two ghosts. Start with the house that has a bald man and his orange-haired son standing outside of it. Enter their house for another showdown with a ghost. This time, the notes will only be indicated by direction, not colour. Pay close attention to the ghost’s movements, and you’ll exorcise it just like you did the last time. For the next ghost, head right from the first town screen to enter the second town screen. Head to the first house in this screen, which should have a signboard saying “Ron and Ruby’s House” nearby. As before, there is a ghost in there that you need to exorcise. For this ghost, you are once again limited to just the direction of the note. As an additional challenge, the ghost itself is invisible. Follow the pattern of the ghost’s singing by singing yourself, and you’ll get rid of the ghost. Once you’ve gotten rid of the two ghosts, the Mayor will be impressed with you and tell you about the Overseer you need to meet. To learn the Overseer’s song, you will need to talk to Ruby – the old lady in the rocking chair. After the conversation with her is over, you will have a rhythm section in which you learn to sing the song of the Overseer. Wandersong screenshot Wandersong is not strict with its rhythm sections, so don’t worry about getting it absolutely right. Once you’re done with the song, head out of the house to the left, back to the first town screen. Here, you will be accosted by a trio of ghosts. They will sing together, each one moving in the direction of a different note. These are, of course, clues as to what you need to sing to ‘defeat’ the ghosts. Keep singing to their tune and you’ll get rid of them. Jump onto the higher ground in the area, and run left past the bald man and his son. You’ll find the Mayor again, who will tell you which way you need to go to find the Tree of Slumber. Continue heading left, drop down to the lower level, and then again jump onto the higher level. Continue going up the hill, jumping up another level until you find the entrance to the forest. Inside the forest, stand in front of the conspicuous tree on the mound, and you will start singing the song of the Overseer. Wandersong screenshot Once it concludes, you will be elevated to the spirit world. Here you will converse with Eyala, the Rainbow Girl. After the conversation, head right until you find a white-leafed plant on the ground. Stand on the plant’s leaves and then sing to it to get it to grow in the direction you want. In this case, you’ll want to sing “up” to get it to raise you to the next level. Do the same thing in the next screen, and jump when necessary. For the second plant, you will have to make it grow to the right and then upwards. In the screen with the yellow fog, go as left as possible to find the plant that will help you ascend. Continue heading left and enter the cave. In this cave, you need to get the plant up there to come down, so first have it grow to the right, and then downwards until you can jump onto tit. Proceed upwards through the cave using your plant-singing skills until you encounter a singing bird. As before, follow the notes the bird is singing to jump higher. You will have to do this twice to get to the highest level and exit the cave. More yellow fog appears, and the next bird will be obscured by this fog. You can still see the colour and direction of the bird’s notes, though, so befriending it shouldn’t be a problem. Jump onto the ledge and continue left until you find another impassable ledge. As there are no birds near the ledge, you will have to go back until the previous bird is in view again. Befriend the bird a second time, and it will follow you around. Take it to the impassable ledge and jump up to find the next cave. In this tricky cave, you will have to grow a very long plant and across a chasm with obstacles. The first plant will take you as far as a pillar-like platform. Get off there, and then sing to the second plant, which is at the right end of the screen. Get it to reach you, jump onto it and have it carry you back to its location. When you make it grow, remember to account for the Bard – if there is no space for him while the plant goes back, he will be left behind and forced to fall. You’ll enter another foggy area. Head right until you reach a very large gap. There’s a plant on the right of the gap, so sing and get the plant to carry you across. Head right to the next cave. In this cave, you have to climb a very high ledge without any plants around to lend you a hand. So instead, head to the right, ignoring the plant, until you find the bird in a chamber to the right. Although you can’t enter the chamber, you can still sing with the bird to befriend it. Take the bird with you to the left, near where the plant is. If you jump here, you will use up the bird’s high-jump gift, which means that you cannot jump onto the ledge in the main room of the cave. If this happens, return to the bird and befriend it again. Instead of jumping over the platform, make the plant below the platform carry you onto it and then off of it. Once you get the bird to the main room of the cave, jump up to the high ledge and head out of the opening. In this foggy area, head left until you hear the sound of a bird. You may not get a good look at the bird’s song, but you can drop down to the lower platform and see it clearly. To jump up again, though, you’ll have to befriend the bird and use its ability. The bird’s song will stay the same, so memorise the song while you’re down near the bird, and reuse it on the higher ledge to get the bird to follow you. Take the bird to the right and jump onto the higher ledge, then head left to a gap you can jump across. Continue heading left and the fog will finally clear up. Enter the big building you see and head right past the door. Jump up the stairs and you’ll find a cute butterfly-cat-thing that is the Dream Fairy. After the conversation, head to the right and jump up the next flight of stairs. Ignore the Dream Fairy as it attacks you, and go past the door. Run past the bed, up the multiple flights of stairs and then after the conversation is over, past the door. Head up the next flight of stairs to find a giant bell. Make it ring by singing to the left and right. You’ll have to keep doing this several times until the Dream King is awoken. After your conversation with the Dream King,  you will teleport to outside of the building. Then, as Eyala says, exit to the left by interacting with the tree. After you return to the non-spirit world, head down the way you came all the way into town. The townsfolk are being terrorised by ghosts again. Talk to the ghosts, and then relay their message to the people using your singing. The note you need to hit will be marked by a ghost icon. Keep hitting those notes and you will convey the message to the townsfolk. After the conversation, you will be called by the blue-haired witch, who wants you to come with her. Go with her (her name’s Miriam, by the way), and you’ll be taken to the next Act.

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