The Last Faith Walkthrough – Part 5

The Last Faith Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 (How to beat the Giant Patron and how to get to the City of Mythringal)
  2. Part 2 (How to beat the Cold One Shielder, find Nighttide's Rout and explore the City of Mythringal)
  3. Part 3 (Explore the City of Mythringal.)
  4. Part 4 (Explore the Federal Inquistion area and how to fight the Winged Pale Lament)
  5. Part 5 (How to fight Dr. Ridley Hermann, explore a bit of the Osseus Fortress and where to find the Moonshade Charm)
  6. Part 6 (How to fight Edwynn, the Shadowscrouge Horror and explore the Drowned Crypt.)
  7. Part 7 (How to fight Starborn Nighthunter and explore the City of Erlim)
  8. Part 8 (How to fight Leena and Yegor, Find the Propulsion boots and explore the Esk Mansion)
  9. Part 9 (How to fight the Burnt Apostle and explore the Liturgical Pass)
  10. Part 10 (How to fight the Voracious Terror and explore the Osseus Fortress and the beginning of Tynewill Village)
  11. Part 11 (How to fight the second Starborn Nighthunter and explore more of Tynewill Village)
  12. Part 12 (How to fight Manfredd the Accused and explore Ordens Palace)
  13. Part 13 (How to unlock the Graveyard and how to fight the Cold One Beast)
  14. Part 14 (How to fight Leena for the second time and location of all twenty Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy)
  15. Part 15 (How to fight Lord Patryk Laddak and Annabella & Caterina)

Demo Coverage -

  1. Extended Demo Part 1
  2. Extended Demo Part 2

Check out our walkthrough for The Last Faith on how to fight Dr. Ridley Hermann, explore a bit of the Damned Ruins of the Osseus Fortress and where to find the Moonshade Charm.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for The Last Faith!

For more information on The Last Faith beyond this walkthrough, check out the official website here. You can also check our coverage of the extended demo here.

Continuing on after the save, head back to the corridor where we just fought the bosses. Head across the terrace to the other side and through, at the end go up the stairs. Turn right and avoid the puddles while taking out the enemies here. Jump up the platform on the right and walk through the door at the end.

There are multiple enemies in this room. Take out the 3 on the bottom floor and jump up on the platform to pick up the Static Pastilles. Jump down and walk through the door on the other side. In the next room, pull the level to drop a ladder down.  Then go across the other side to a table in the room. You can pick up Heramann’s Office Key here.

Turn around and head back towards the room we just came from where we picked up the Static Pastilles. Jump up on the platform and on to the right side to pick up the Magnetic Bombs. The left side doorway is unpassable at the moment. Go back to the room where we dropped the ladder and save again. Head to the right and out of the room, go down the stairs and jump on to the platform above in the next room.

Open the door and step through for a boss fight.

Boss: Dr. Ridley Hermann

Dr Ridley has 4 moves in Phase 1–

  • a windup stab followed by a quick back swipe.
  • a quick double slash
  • a ranged tendril + stab attack that covers 80% of the screen
  • a telegraphed tendril attack that rises from the floor in five locations in the room (this happens twice in succession).

Once you reach 75% of his health he gets stunned and you can finish him off and then Phase 2 starts. He regains full health and becomes a puddle of blood. He has 3 moves in this phase –

  • the puddle of blood moves around the room and he jumps and shoots down diagonally,
  • he jumps up and sticks to the ceiling and launches 4 tendril balls that bounce around the room,
  • tendrils shoot up from the floor twice – once in four locations on the floor but are wider now and the second time from the ceiling and the floor.
  • He also drops puddles of goop in his wake as he moves around in blood form.

After defeating him the door on the right opens up. Walk through it and drop down the ladder. At the bottom move left through the door and pick up the healing injections and talk to Annabella.

She will give you the Gravitational Ring, this allows you to move the previously immovable stone blocks. Go back to the right side corridor where there is a stone block. Move it and jump over it to enter a room to find a coffin with a Moonsilver Stone in it.

Move to the left again, past Anabella’s room and use the next teleport point to get back to the Manor to level up. You can also talk to Mariano and you will see he has the Technological Gloves for sale for 10000 Nycrux. This glove allows you to climb walls. Buy them if you have cash. I did.

Disclosure : This walkthrough was written during my first playthrough and as such in the following area I was under levelled and ultimately had to backtrack – but I did activate fast travel points so in the next parts of this walkthrough I will just be fast travelling back to any point in the Osseus Fortress, so please refer here at that point to know how to get to the fast travel points.

Head to the outside of the Manor through the door in the rightmost room to the Damned Ruins of the Osseus Fortress. Move the block underneath the ledge and jump up on top.

Jump up and pick up the Edelweiss Pastilles and keep moving to the left. Take out the Primitive Cold Ones in your way. At the far-left end, enter the cave. Jump up on the next platform and keep heading left. Pick up the frost bombs and walk through the next cave entrance. You should be in a clearing with a save point on top of a ledge to the left.

Save here and pick up Manfredd’s Diary.  Keep going left till you hit a dead end because of a blocked door and drop down the platforms. Watch for the ice spikes here as they have contact damage.

Drop down the platforms to find another blocked door on the left. You can smash the ice spikes so clear a way through and pick up the Nycrux Bomb by following on-screen instructions. Blow up the door on the left but don’t go through. Take another bomb and go up to the blocked door on top. Pass through. You will face a Ghastly Critter here, they jump around. Just dodge their attacks and take them out. Pick up the Nycrux bomb here.

Take out the hound next and jump up the platform to pick up some Demioxide Bullets. Another Ghastly Critter, kill it and jump to the next platform to pick up the Frost Bombs. On the top most platform there is a flying enemy, take it out.

Jump on to the platform on the left and keep moving. Use the Nycrux Bomb to blast open the door. Go through and kill the critter inside. Drop down the ladder and pick up the Healing Injection. Keep dropping down and take out the enemies in your way. Pick up the Demioxide Bullets and use the level to open the gate to the right. Go out and pick up another Nyrcux Bomb. Go back inside and use the bomb to blast open the door. Head down and pick up the Lunar powder and activate the switch inside.

We are moving back up. Go through the doorway you just opened.

Jump across the ledge and take out the critter and the flying enemy. Drop down till you reach the hounds at the bottom. Pick up the bullets and take out the hounds. Then jump up on the left side to the next platform up.

Take out the enemies and pick up the Edelweiss Pastilles. Keep moving left, dispatching enemies on your way through. Keep moving left and through the doorway at the end. You will find another temporary checkpoint here. Pick up the healing injections and take out the critter and move through to the left. Be careful, there are multiple ranged enemies called Frozen Wights on top. Move to the left to position yourself better to take out all the bottom-level enemies near the blocked door.

Now go back towards the center of the room and make your way up. Kill all the enemies here and make your way out through the left most door. You should be outside now. Drop down the ladder. Move to the right to pick up the Hungry Essence.

The Last Faith walkthrough

Jump across the ledge and ice-beam-shooting enemies will show up. Just dodge everything and run.

The Last Faith walkthrough

Take the healing injections past the elevator inside and then ride it down to find a permanent checkpoint. Activate it and save your game. You can and probably should, go level up at the manor. After taking care of business, head up with the elevator. Go left through the doorway. You should be in an open area. Keep moving left through the fallen tower.

The Last Faith walkthrough

It is here where I realized I was under-levelled for this area so I fast travelled back to the Federal Inquisition. From the checkpoint inside the Federal Inquisition head to the right. Ride the elevator down. Keep dropping down to the bottom and head through the door on the left. Take the next elevator down. Go to the room on the right where you can see two climbable walls. Use the gloves we got earlier to jump up here.

The Last Faith walkthrough

Use Hermann’s key to unlock the door on top. Enter the room and open the chest to pick up the Technological Lens. It allows you see to see the glowy doors we have seen around. There is one next to you right now. Enter that door to pick up Explosive Candle. Drop down the way we came and enter the spectral door on the right. Pick up the Nobleman’s note and open the coffin to get Demishade Ore. Go left from the elevator to find the Old Wymond.

The Last Faith walkthrough

Talk to him and move through the graveyard on the left. Keep going till you reach the movable stone block in the picture below.

The Last Faith walkthrough

Go through the opening now to find a Nycrux chest and an elevator. Take the elevator up to the High walls of Mythringal. Go left to find another permanent checkpoint, save the game here and pick up the Healing Injections. You will find Caterina here. Talk to her for lore reasons and she also sells focus crystals.

The Last Faith walkthrough

Use the fast travel to travel back to the Federal Inquisition. Make your way here on the map.

The Last Faith walkthrough

Move the stone block, head inside and open the chest for a Demishade ore and an Anonymous note. Use the fast travel point to head to this point on the map.

The Last Faith walkthrough

Drop the ladder down with the lever. Head lower till you reach Lucyl again.

The Last Faith walkthrough

There is a spectral door beyond her, enter the room. Pick up the Moonshade Charm, equip it immediately. It gives 15% damage reduction and 15% damage increase.

This concludes Part 5 of our walkthrough for The Last Faith. You can find Part 6 here. (Coming soon!)

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman