The Last Faith Walkthrough – Part 9

The Last Faith Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 (How to beat the Giant Patron and how to get to the City of Mythringal)
  2. Part 2 (How to beat the Cold One Shielder, find Nighttide's Rout and explore the City of Mythringal)
  3. Part 3 (Explore the City of Mythringal.)
  4. Part 4 (Explore the Federal Inquistion area and how to fight the Winged Pale Lament)
  5. Part 5 (How to fight Dr. Ridley Hermann, explore a bit of the Osseus Fortress and where to find the Moonshade Charm)
  6. Part 6 (How to fight Edwynn, the Shadowscrouge Horror and explore the Drowned Crypt.)
  7. Part 7 (How to fight Starborn Nighthunter and explore the City of Erlim)
  8. Part 8 (How to fight Leena and Yegor, Find the Propulsion boots and explore the Esk Mansion)
  9. Part 9 (How to fight the Burnt Apostle and explore the Liturgical Pass)
  10. Part 10 (How to fight the Voracious Terror and explore the Osseus Fortress and the beginning of Tynewill Village)
  11. Part 11 (How to fight the second Starborn Nighthunter and explore more of Tynewill Village)
  12. Part 12 (How to fight Manfredd the Accused and explore Ordens Palace)
  13. Part 13 (How to unlock the Graveyard and how to fight the Cold One Beast)
  14. Part 14 (How to fight Leena for the second time and location of all twenty Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy)
  15. Part 15 (How to fight Lord Patryk Laddak and Annabella & Caterina)

Demo Coverage -

  1. Extended Demo Part 1
  2. Extended Demo Part 2

Check out our walkthrough for The Last Faith on how to fight the Burnt Apostle and explore the Liturgical Pass.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for The Last Faith!

For more information on The Last Faith beyond this walkthrough, check out the official website here. You can also check our coverage of the extended demo here.

Picking up where we left off, go to the fast travel room in the Esk mansion and fast travel to the Mansion to level up and upgrade weapons. Once there, grapple hook up in the main hall and then air dash to the top floors of the mansion – which were previously unreachable.

In the left room you will find The Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy and Daughters of the Nighttide Note. On the right side room, you will find Healing Injections and hidden wall, with Lady Dorothea hung up inside.

Hand over the Dried Liver – looted from Edwynn – earlier to her, she will provide two spells for sale. Combustion Rings and Accursed Phalanges, fire and dark spells respectively.

Now, fast travel to Sodden Refuge in the Marshland of Shadows (Check out previous walkthrough for how to get here). Once there jump up to the top and enter the Site Cave to the right. Keep running till you reach the two elevators and take the second elevator up.

At the top move to the cave on the left and rush through, heading upwards. On the topmost floor take the left exit to enter the Liturgical Pass. Keep moving left, using your newly acquired air dash. The only new type of enemy here is a Putrid Deformity, which is a flying monster. Break the glowing statues as you clear the area, they do aoe damage when destroyed so be wary.

Keep moving left till you can exit the area. In the new area keep moving left till you hit the Checkpoint, save the game and continue on your path. Drop down the ladder to pick up the Blue stones and find the locked door. Ignore the ladder heading for now, turn right from the locked door and head through the entrance at the far end. Inside this room, drop down. Use the vines on the wall to slow your fall and jump onto the platform on the right. Kill the enemy here. Jump over the spikes and run through the door on the other side.    

Once outside take out the hounds and jump up the platform to destroy the glowing statue and keep heading up. On top go to the left and enter the doorway there. Drop down in the first pit and kill the enemy and destroy the statue. Get out and move left to open the chest for a Demishade ore and keep moving left. Drop down at the next pit and kill the enemy and destroy the statue. Move to the right and exit the door out to the open. In the next room, drop down and enter the door at the bottom.

In the next room pull the lever to open the first part of the big locked gate we saw earlier. Move to the right and smash the wall to find the Hexabarrel Repeater. Go back the way we came to the huge locked door. Move up to the save point and save. Go back down and down the ladder we ignored earlier. In this room, kill the enemies and destroy the statue. Then push the gravity stone off and then push it on top of the spikes.

Airdash over to the other side and take out the enemies here and go through the door at the far left. Run through the next corridor to enter another room. This room has a gauntlet.

Kill all the enemies here and destroy the statues. Once clear the door on top on the right part of the room will open, head through there. Back in the long corridor we just crossed but on top, use the lever to unlock the 2nd lock on the giant locked door. Run through the door on the right and kill the enemy there and destroy the statue. The chest has a Moonsilver Stone. Use the lever to open the gate, step through and air dash and exit the room using the ladder. Back outside use the grappling hook to get on the roof and step through the door.

The Last faith walkthrough

Kill the enemies here and move up. Destroy the statues on your way up and make your way to the left door on top. In the next room, kill all the enemies as you move up. Then head through the right side door on top. The next room has 4 statues and is another gauntlet.

The Last faith walkthrough

Kill all the enemies and destroy all the statues to open the right side door at the bottom. Enter the door and pull the lever to unlock the final lock on the giant door at the bottom. Make your way back to the save point and heal up. Drop down and enter through the now unlocked door. Inside you will find a chest with a Healing Holster. In the next room, someone is throwing stones at you. You cant reach him yet, so dodge and run through to the other side. We have to come back to this room later. Go through the door. It’s a little less hectic here. Clear out the enemies. Keep moving up and if you get Burned, use the appropriate Pastilles to clear the status effect. Head out the top left door to find a save point out in the open. Save here. Go back in and through the door on the top right. We should come out on the roof.

The Last faith walkthrough

But it’s a dead end, so head back inside and back to the save point out in the open. Go left from the save point and drop down at the ladder. Keep heading down and destroy the statues as you go down. At the bottom, go to the right room.  Drop down and enter the narrow corridor, where a Giant Patron will rush you, use the small pit in the room to avoid his rush.

The Last faith walkthrough

Drop down and run when he moves over. You can use the platforms ahead to stay above him and pits to stay below him. At the far end, use the vines to elevate up to the upper level. Keep going till you reach the Nycrux chest and the ladder and head up. Out in the open, move to the left and keep heading up. Another Giant Patron is throwing stones down from the top. So avoid the stones, kill the enemies and move on up. Easy.

The Last faith walkthrough

Kill the Patron and the other enemies. Move to the right side of the room and pull the lever. Go through the open door. In this room, clear out the enemies. Go up and through the door on the left and save. Make your way back to the narrow corridor where the Giant Patron was rushing you and to this point on the map (marked below).

The Last faith walkthrough

Go through the door. In this room, kill all the enemies on the platform and get up to the left side of the room. Use the vines to elevate yourself to the platform above. Move to the right and up. Keep going up till you see the grapple point, get up there and go left through the door. A long ladder leading up is here. Climb up the ladder. Enter the room on the right. Prepare for a boss fight.

Boss: The Burnt Apostle

The Last faith walkthrough

The boss has the following moveset –

Phase 1

  • Create 3 fireballs that home on you in a circular motion.
  • A dash swipe followed by a circular slash upwards.
  • A straight rush stab with a pretty good range.
  • Horizontal air dashes

Phase 2

  • Creates 5 firestorms with gaps in between to stand in. They are staggered in timing.
  • A flaming forward rush stab
  • The dash swipe followed by a circular slash creates fireballs now
  • Same fireball attack from phase 1.
  • He shoots up diagonally and goes offscreen to create firestorms. These are telegraphed, so just avoid them.
  • He falls back down and this creates a flame shockwave on either side of him

After you defeat the boss, enter the next room to watch a cutscene and then the next room to pick up the Lost Mark of Transcendence. You can now break these doors open.

The Last faith walkthrough

This concludes Part 9 of our walkthrough for The Last Faith. You can find Part 10 here. (Coming soon!)

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman