The Last Faith Walkthrough – Part 10

The Last Faith Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 (How to beat the Giant Patron and how to get to the City of Mythringal)
  2. Part 2 (How to beat the Cold One Shielder, find Nighttide's Rout and explore the City of Mythringal)
  3. Part 3 (Explore the City of Mythringal.)
  4. Part 4 (Explore the Federal Inquistion area and how to fight the Winged Pale Lament)
  5. Part 5 (How to fight Dr. Ridley Hermann, explore a bit of the Osseus Fortress and where to find the Moonshade Charm)
  6. Part 6 (How to fight Edwynn, the Shadowscrouge Horror and explore the Drowned Crypt.)
  7. Part 7 (How to fight Starborn Nighthunter and explore the City of Erlim)
  8. Part 8 (How to fight Leena and Yegor, Find the Propulsion boots and explore the Esk Mansion)
  9. Part 9 (How to fight the Burnt Apostle and explore the Liturgical Pass)
  10. Part 10 (How to fight the Voracious Terror and explore the Osseus Fortress and the beginning of Tynewill Village)
  11. Part 11 (How to fight the second Starborn Nighthunter and explore more of Tynewill Village)
  12. Part 12 (How to fight Manfredd the Accused and explore Ordens Palace)
  13. Part 13 (How to unlock the Graveyard and how to fight the Cold One Beast)
  14. Part 14 (How to fight Leena for the second time and location of all twenty Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy)
  15. Part 15 (How to fight Lord Patryk Laddak and Annabella & Caterina)

Demo Coverage -

  1. Extended Demo Part 1
  2. Extended Demo Part 2

Check out our walkthrough for The Last Faith on how to fight the Voracious Terror and explore the Osseus Fortress and Telwynill Village starting area.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for The Last Faith!

For more information on The Last Faith beyond this walkthrough, check out the official website here. You can also check our coverage of the extended demo here.

After getting the Nycrux punch, go back out of the room through the left door. Keep going till you reach the temporary checkpoint and drop down. Then go right. Jump over the gap with the grapple point and onto the other side with the blocked door. Punch through.

Inside you will find the Curse of the Burned. Now head to the location as shown in the map below.

Inside you will find the Blood Moon Charm. It provides 15% Blood Damage, 15% Blood Defense and 15% resistance to bleeding. Head up via the vines and left till you reach the ladder. Go up the ladder and outside. Maneuver to the right and exit through the door on the top. In the next room go up and left to find the Fast Travel checkpoint. Get to the location on the map below and jump down.

It’s the dead end we were at earlier. Punch through the door at the end and drop down the ladder once inside. Kill the Giant Patron and open the chest to get a Rare Prototype Blueprint. Make your way back to the fast travel checkpoint and go to the Oxneville Manor. Hand over the Blueprint to Mariano and level up weapons/yourself. From the Checkpoint head to the Drowned Crypt. Go left from the checkpoint and drop down to where we fought Edwynn and enter the room on the left. There is a blocked door inside.

Mark this place as it requires four Noble crests and so we have to come back here. Now make your way to the location on the map below.

Open the door and go inside. In the next room, clear up the enemies and move left. Pick up Edwyn’s Note and leave. Make your way back to the Fast Travel checkpoint. Travel to the Frozen Caverns in the Damned Ruins of the Osseus Fortress. Go right and drop down, watch for the spikes as you make your way down. At the very bottom go to the right and exit through the door. In the next room clear all the enemies on the platform and head up through the exit up on top. In the next room make your way up using the vines. In the top left corner of the room, is the Nycrux Bomb spawn point.

Jump across and unblock the path on to the right. Kill the enemy here and pick up the healing injections. Go back and pick up another Nycrux bomb to unblock the next blockage. You can pick up more bombs and blow up all the consumables and chests locked behind the blockages in this room. If you have done so, go through the door on the top right corner. Inside you will find the Grey Moon Charm. It provides 8% Crit Chance and 12% Crit Damage. Exit the room through the door on the right. The wall beyond the elevator in this room can be smashed through.

If you take the elevator up you can find two nycrux chests and Pastilles and unlock a door leading back to the main area. For now head through the smashed wall door. This room is a gauntlet, once you kill all the enemies that spawn the door on the right-hand side will unlock. Inside you will find another heart that you can smash. This activates a switch somewhere else on the level.

Go back to the elevator and head up and then move right and up. On top go through the door in the top left corner. Run across the next room till you hit the blocked door and use a Nycrux punch to unblock the door. Pick up The Unborn of the Midnight Aristocracy (You can hand these over to the Land In Ink at the Manor for Nycrux). Head back in. In this room that we just crossed, move up now.

At the top go up the ladder. Keep moving up, working your through the enemies. At the top grapple hook up and then air dash across to get back into the open. The balcony turns into a gauntlet. This is our location on the map currently.

In the next room, drop down the ladder. At the very bottom go through the door on the right. Pick up the Demishade Ore and make your way through the door at the far right top corner.

Keep moving to the right till you get to the checkpoint. Travel to the Frozen Caverns. Go up the elevator and head left. Keep moving left till you reach the location that you need to airdash across.

the Last Faith walkthrough

Prepare for a boss fight.

Boss: Voracious Terror

the Last Faith walkthrough

The boss has the following moveset

  • A jumping downward slash that creates an icespike attack that explodes in both directions and travels across the length of the screen. Can be jumped over.
  • Flies up and shoots 6 ice spikes in a 360* angle.
  • Slams down diagonally immediately and shoots a wave of ice spikes shooting up from the ground on each side.

Get your loot and move into the next room to pick up Healing Injections and Mechanical bombs and climb up the ladder. In the next room, stick to the left and climb up using the grapple hook and vines. At the top move to the right towards the ladder and take it to exit the room. In the next room move to the right, to the far end of the room. Use the vines to climb up. Keep working your way up the room till you reach the ladder and can climb out into the open.

the Last Faith walkthrough

Move left from here first. In this room, don’t go out into the open – there is a wraith there. Instead make your way up to the top here in the tower and exit at the top most opening. There should be a Gravity stone block in front of you. Push it down and position it under the ladder below.

the Last Faith walkthrough

Jump up and across. Go through the door on the other side. Another gauntlet, once you clear it you can go into the next room and loot the Severance Reaper. Go back across where we entered this area from. Move across the ladder and now to the right. Use the focus stone statue if you need to. Use the save checkpoint and keep moving right through the door. Pick up the healing injections in the next room and through the door. Keep moving to the right in the next area as well. You will have entered a new zone, Telwynill Village. Keep moving right till you find the door in the picture below and enter the mansion.

the Last Faith walkthrough

Inside, drop down and use the lever to drop the ladder down on top. Go through the door on top and kill the enemy on the balcony and use the chains on the left to get across. Pick up the healing injections here and kill the Wraith. Move back to the balcony and jump across to the right now. Work your way across the next area till you find another door where you can enter the building from.

the Last Faith walkthrough

Once inside, go up and outside and then jump down into the lower balcony where the gravity stone block is and drop it down. We don’t need to do anything else with it now, since we don’t have the key to open the locked door on the left. Use the chain on the right to move to the door on the right and pass through. Once inside, drop down and clear the room and move to the right. In the next area, head downwards first. (check the map)

the Last Faith walkthrough

At the end of the path there is an ornate locked door, a save point and a vendor. Most importantly the Telwynill Village Master Key is here.  

This concludes Part 10 of our walkthrough for The Last Faith. You can find Part 11 here. (Coming soon!)

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman