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Check out our walkthrough of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden on how to complete the Haunting Case: Landfall.

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Quest: Landfall

After the introductory scene setting and cutscene, you will have control of Antea. This is a tutorial section so just follow the on-screen instructions and follow Red. Once you reach the hut, pick up the Lilac Hyacinth from the pot on the right.

Follow Red inside and a short cutscene will play out. Turn around and head to the back, clear out the debris here and you can squeeze through a small gap.

Go to the right and drop down the ledge, making your way to the broken bridge, and jump over it. After that climb the ledge and follow the path till you run into your first ghosts. Follow the on-screen instructions to take the spirits out. Pick up the Spectral Dust(s) and head to he left. Crouch through and then squeeze out the other end. Keep going towards the fence and pick up the Leathers here.

Move to the left, vault the next ledge and keep going across the gap – you will see Red fighting Wanderers off in the distance.

Keep moving across the bridge and into the next cave, clear the debris out and keep moving. Drop down the next ledge and take out the Wanderers here. Follow the onscreen instructions to learn how to Banish. Read the note on the floor titled “A Note, Damp and Bloody” and then pick up the Leather +6 and Leather +3. Climb up the ledge and head back outside – where you will learn how to do a Charged Attack. Take out the Alpha Wanderer and pick up the Spectral Dust. Keep moving till you reach a blocked off path and clear the debris to open up the path.

You will meet Red on the other side, which mean you are following him again. Sprint after him till you reach New Eden Town.

You will be faced with your first dialogue choice here – pick whichever suits your tone. The map should have opened up a lot – take a peek at the world.

Your compass will be updated as well as you are inside an “Area of Investigation”. We are looking for the Inn, check the way marker ahead and follow the right side path to get to the inn.

Once inside watch the cutscene unfold. You will meet Fairefax Haskell, Thickskin and Pennington. Eventually, Thickskin and Pennington will leave. You can now chat with Haskell.

Pick options during the dialogue that you feel are pertinent to you – the only mandatory option is to ask about the Curse. After the conversation ends, you have to go find Esther, Charles’ widow. Head to the back room to pick up the note titled “Inn’s owner notice”. Head outside then run to the right, following the marker on the compass to find the Davenport house. Another dialogue choice, I chose the second option – you can choose according to your roleplay. Talk to Esther and once again the mandatory option in her dialogue tree is “Is there anything we should know?” – all the other options adds to the lore and story.

After finishing up the conversation, you will receive a hint from Esther. You can access Hints in the Haunting Cases menu option.

Inspect the objects around the room. Pick up the Sheet Music from on top of the piano. Inspect the small box on the table near the fireplace for a letter titled “Letter from Elinor Combs”. Then move to the table with the chess board and inspect the mugs. You can pick up a “Letter from a neighbor” from the table next to the main door. Move to the bookcase on the right and you can pick up a book “Music Essay” and a “Printed Book”. Back at the dining table you can pick up two sets of “Bundle of Letters from Charles”. After that go to the back and head right to go up the stairs towards the bedroom.

Check the cask on the left of the door, to find a diary titled “Where do Nightmares come from?”. After that head to the dresser by the bed to find “Charles Davenport’s brooch”. Next at the bookcase at the foot of the bed inspect the books to trigger a conversation.

Banishers Walkthrough

Now move to the table on the right of the bed to find “Children’s Psalm” and “Doctor’s Note”. Make your way to the table next to the bookcase and pick up “Unsent Letter to Esther’s Sister”. This will lead to getting the second hint from Esther and her Intent. Move out of the bedroom and to the room on the immediate left to find the Study. Head to the dresser on the left to inspect the item there to trigger a dialogue about a Bane ring. Turn around and inspect the “Chess Piece” on the center table. Now, turn around and go to the dress to check Charles’ wig. You can also check the other items for “Theological Book from Charles’ Personal Collection” as well as “Charles’ Notes” and an “Occult Book”. Finally, check out the “Scribbled Bible Verses” on the study table. Pick up the note that drops from Red’s book now.

Banishers Walkthrough

Another one of “Charles’s notes”. After reading the note, you have to now Investigate the cemetery. Head out the main door and head towards the cemetery. Red will split off from you so check your map and head to the cemetery. Follow the compass marker and on your way, you can speak to Bathsheba. Head down to the pier and docks and you can pick up Leather there on the way and pretty soon you will reach the cemetery where you will run into a wisp. Clear the debris and enter the cemetery. Follow the wisp and take out the Wanderers – while you learn how to dodge, block and parry. Pick up the Striped Wintergreen and inspect the tombstones. Clear the path and press forward, picking up the Hoof fungus from the tree. Take the left path and you will learn about Insight. Pick up the loot and head down the path on the left. At the very end you will find Charles’ grave.

Banishers Walkthrough

Pick up the Hoof Fungus and head back out to the main path. Follow the wisp and you will come across a Spectral Mark. Inspect it to start the ritual.

Banishers Walkthrough

You will need one Seashore Candle and three Pyrites for the ritual to summon the memory. Turn back around and run towards where we found Charles’ grave and go through to the end and to the right (you can follow the marker on the compass) to find a Seashore Candle.

Banishers Walkthrough

You can find a few more on the right, take them too for future rituals. Head back up the path and kill the Wanderer – then turn to the left and up the path here.

Banishers Walkthrough

You will find a Striped Wintergreen and Leather+3. Turn around and head back towards Charles’ grave and then run past it heading to the right. Back at the mark, go past it and you will find a weak fence you can crash through – head through it.

Banishers Walkthrough

You will find a Pyrite right after, follow your compass for the rest and kill the wisps. Head back down to the Spectral Mark and start the ritual. Select Harkening as your ritual and watch the memory unfold.

Banishers Walkthrough

You will now have to examine the place where Charles died. You can pick up Charles’ Bible right near where he died. Now return to his grave – and perform the Make Manifest ritual here. After the cutscene, escort Esther home. After getting her home go to the Schoolhouse and rest.

This concludes our walkthrough of in Banishers: Ghosts on New Eden for the Haunting Case: Landfall.

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