Botany Manor Walkthrough – Chapter 1

Botany Manor

Check out our walkthrough of Botany Manor to find out how to plant the Windmill Wort in the first chapter of the game.

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As you start the game, approach the door of the cactarium you’re in. On a table near the door, you’ll find a letter and a parcel.

Botany Manor Walkthrough - Chapters 1 & 2

Examine the letter and open the parcel. Open the book inside and read it if you wish, then put it away. You can now leave the cactarium.

Chapter 1: A Fresh Start

As you exit the cactarium, look left for a potting station. Approach it and read the potting instructions to learn how to pot.

Botany Manor Walkthrough - Chapters 1 & 2

As we already have a pot on the saucer, add soil by interacting with the bag of Potting Soil.

Then, look to the left and collect the Windmill Wort seeds to add them to the Seeds Inventory (and your herbarium).

Select the Windmill Wort in the potting station’s seed inventory to plant it. Finally, water the seed using the watering can to make the seed sprout.

The Windmill Wort requires a very specific temperature to grow. We’re going to need to find three clues that tell us exactly what that temperature is.

Step away from the potting station and approach the heat vent elsewhere in the conservatory. Here, examine the postcard lying next to the newspaper.

Turn the postcard around for your first clue: that the plant only grows in Sicily.

Now open your Herbarium and add the Postcard from the Conservatory as a clue for the Windmill Wort.

Botany Manor Walkthrough - Chapters 1 & 2

The remaining two clues can be found on a blackboard in the conservatory: the Temperature Chart, and the Wildflowers illustrations.

Open your Herbarium and add these clues to the Windmill Wort. This concludes our research into the Windmill Wort, so now it’s time to plant it.

Botany Manor Walkthrough - Chapters 1 & 2

Pick up the sprouted Windmill Wort pot that you previously planted. Place it on the saucer by the heat vent.

Then, go to the giant boiler to the right of the potting station and turn the valve to the right, so that the temperature dial reads 60°.

Botany Manor Walkthrough - Chapters 1 & 2

Then, return to the Heat Vent and open it. This will cause your Windmill Wort to bloom, taking away all the smog in the area.

Botany Manor Walkthrough - Chapters 1 & 2

You can now exit the Conservatory.

Follow the path out of the conservatory to the locked gate of Botany Manor. Turn around and follow the path to reach the post box in the Gatehouse.

Pick up the key below the post box and then return to the former gate to unlock it.

Botany Manor Walkthrough - Chapters 1 & 2

You can now explore the grounds of the manor if you wish – but proceed, you must enter the manor itself.

You’ll find a potting station by the front door, but as we have nothing to plant at the moment, ignore it and go through the front door.

Botany Manor Walkthrough - Chapters 1 & 2

This starts Chapter 2.

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