Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Walkthrough – A Hellbound Heart

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Check out our Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden walkthrough on how to complete the Haunting Case: A Hellbound Heart.

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The Haunting Case: A Hellbound Heart starts at the location marked on the map below –

Enter the house to talk to Caleb.

After the conversation head into Caleb’s workshop – read the letters on the table and shelf. Then head to the back near the bed through the cases and inspect the small table for a love letter. Get out of the corner and pick up the key from the table. Head to the backyard through the door and inspect the chest outside. And then inspect the pile of garbage to the left for a Funeral note. Now, return to the house and talk to Caleb again. Head out of the house and you are off to find God’s Acre.

It’s off to the left of your current location. Follow the map market there and you will faced with a drawbridge that you cannot lower. To the right from the drawbridge is a climbable wall, so head up that way.

Follow the path to the left once you are up and then eventually you will drop down to a lower cliff. Follow the path, jumping across the gap – then climbing up. Once you are up to the graveyard you will need to find Ruth and Alexander’s graves. Switch to Antea and you will notice a couple of graves has been dug up. Once you find Ruth’s grave near the cliff you will have to investigate the area.

Turn to the right from here and head down. Inspect the ward and then the bones. To the left you will find Alexander’s tombstone. After the inspection, head back the way you came and get back to the main graveyard. Follow the map marker to more wards and kill the spirits that spawn when you get close. From the first ward move to the left and around – then straight onwards and to the right. You will come up on a cliff overlooking a clearing. Drop down on the right and head through the narrow gap. You will have a boss fight here with a Desolate Harvester.

Examine the shrine after the fight and inspect the skeleton. Turn around and ignore the ritual spot for now, go to the back to pick up a parchment and then perform a Harkening ritual. Head back to confront Caleb. After the conversation with him, you are off to find the house Ruth and Alexander died in.

Head out of the house and run to the center of the village. Once you reach the burnt house, move the cart to the left and climb up on it.

Pick up Ruth’s Journal here. Then jump across and head down. Switch to Antea to see the location of the tie and squeeze through the gap to find Ruth’s heart. Clear the debris and head out the narrow gap to exit the house. You will meet Caleb outside, after the conversation with him summon Ruth. Talk to Caleb again, who is now Ruth. After you learn the story its time to confront the brothers. You can Ascend/Banish Alexander or Blame Caleb.

Whatever you choose, you will receive 1200 XP and +1 Essence.

This concludes our walkthrough of Banishers: Ghosts on New Eden for the Haunting Case: A Hellbound Heart. You can find the walkthrough for the Haunting Case: She Comes at Night here.

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman