Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Walkthrough – The Flesh Is Weak

Banishers : Ghosts of New Eden Haunting Cases


Check out our walkthrough of Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden on how to complete the Haunting Case: The Flesh is Weak.

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The Haunting Case – The Flesh is Weak starts at the location in the map below.

Head through the narrow opening, next to the blue flame and inside you will meet a trapper named Jacob. Play out the conversation with him asking about Ben. We have to now find traces of the ghost that’s haunting Jacob. Inspect the meat with the knife on the top corner.

Next, inspect the bed.

Next, inspect the rope near the entrance. You can pick up the rope.

Inspect the other stuff in the room to get some background on Ben, then head out. Go straight and squeeze through the narrow gap in the stones.

Keep going forward and then to the left till you find a torch and broken bridge. Jump across and go to the right and use the rope you just picked up to drop down from the ledge.

Switch to Antea to see through the quickmyst. Head to the left, jump over the log and then the broken bridge and you will come across a stalagmites formation that Antea can dispel to clear the quickmyst.

Kill the enemies that spawn and inspect the site to the right.

Perform a Harkening ritual here and watch the scene unfold. Jump back across the stream and to the right and you will find a climbable cliff face.

Shimmy through and drop down the cliff side. Go to the left, away from the waterfall to find Ben’s body. Head back up and back to Jacob’s hovel. On the table to the right you will find a bowl of meat.

Perform a Make-Manifest ritual in the hovel to summon Ben. Play through the conversation with Ben and head out. We need to bring closure to Jacob. Your options will be to Blame Jacob or Banish/Ascend Ben. Blaming Jacob will harvest his soul for Antea’s resurrection and Banish or Ascending Ben will allow him to move on to the after life forcefully or peacefully depending on the choice. Choose wisely.

This concludes our walkthrough of Banishers: Ghosts on New Eden for the Haunting Case: The Flesh is Weak.

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