Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden Walkthrough – Hanging Time

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Check out our Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden walkthrough on how to complete the Haunting Case: Hanging Time.

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The Haunting Case: Hanging Time starts at the location marked on the map below.

Follow the path to the shipwreck and you will come across a ghost of an old woman. After the short cutscene, dispatch the spirits that show up. After that take the path to the right and around the rock formation to find a narrow crawlspace. Enter through there to enter the ship.

Keep heading straight and blast open the path using Antea.

Go to the opening on the right and shimmy across the bow of the ship to the other side. Climb up the ledge here and you will see two rocks holding up the door. Shoot them down. Slightly in front on top of the stairs is a root. Switch to Antea to shoot the root.

Run back to the balcony on the left and shoot the first heart across from where you are standing.

Shift your aim to the lower right and shoot the second heart.

Step back to the opening behind you and you will see the third heart by the side of the ship.

Drop down on the inside of the ship, run to the left and aim down the crack on the wall to hit the 4th heart.

Go up again and climb the stairs up to the galley of the ship. Move left and around till you reach the Captain’s cabin. Inspect the Captain’s log on the table. Turn back the way you just came and you can tie a rope and rappel down the side of the ship. We are going to a new location – as marked on the map below –

Make your way there and run up to the front door and enter the house. Watch the cutscene play out and when the conversation is done – its time to look for her key. Head up to the upper floor and inspect the bucket at the end of the room, the sextant and the ship model on the table. Turn around and enter the room on the left. The key is on the table.

Move the chest of drawers on the left and inspect the echo. Hand over the key to Hephziba or rather speak to her and keep the key. Head to the Harrows now.

As you depart the Perkins house, you encounter a spirit. Follow her back to the shipwreck. Kill the spirits that show up. Head to the left corner of the ship and climb up the rope you tied earlier.

Enter the room right ahead as you climb up and kill the spirits. Squeeze through the narrow gap and move to the left. Shoot the rocks holding up the platform stopping you from teleporting across. Two on the right top side and one on the left bottom of the mast.

Teleport across to the other part of the ship with Antea. Drop down to the lower deck and inspect the rope. Perform a Harkening ritual on the spot and watch the cutscene. Jump across to the rock cropping on the other side now and drop down to talk to the ghost. Return to the Perkins house to talk to Goody again. As you approach the house, kill the spirits here. Enter the house and inspect the rock as Antea. Head outside after the cutscene and talk to Goody’s ghost. Run up the path on the left and confront Hephziba’s living version.

You can now Blame Hephziba’s living self or Ascend/Banish her ghost. Choose wisely. Whatever you choose you will receive 1200 XP and +1 Essence.

This concludes our walkthrough of Banishers: Ghosts on New Eden for the Haunting Case: Hanging Time. You can find the walkthrough for the Haunting Case: Home Lies Where the Heart Lies here.

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman