Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough – Gnome Forest, Part 1

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough

Check out our Bramble: The Mountain King walkthrough to find out how to progress through the gnome village section of the Gnome Forest.

Welcome to Into Indie Games’ Bramble: The Mountain King walkthrough, where you’ll learn how to clear the game’s puzzles and make progress throughout the game.

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Gnome Forest, Part 1 (Gnome Village)

From where Olle starts off, move north towards the mushrooms. Go to the very end of this path and then take the slope heading right to reach Lillemor’s former position. Then, jump across the mushrooms as she just did. Jump over the two mushrooms and then onto the ledge on the other side.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Gnome Forest, Part 1

Continue following LIllemor to the stream and cross the stream by walking over the twig. Keep moving right to find a tasty surprise. After the cutscene, move north again through the tunnel and over to the vines. Climb the vines up, and rush towards the belltower.

Crouch to enter the door of the belltower. Interact with the handle to the north of the bell and follow the on-screen controls to rotate it. Rotate it all the way it can go, so that the bell is raise back up high.

Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Gnome Forest, Part 1

Move through the door to follow LIllemor into the gnome village. Run to where Lillemor is and interact with the door. Then, stand in the middle of the village, straight in front of the red-walled house. When the other gnomes pour out, they will gather around you. You might have to move within their circle if you are not already.

After this, we play hide-and-seek with the gnomes. From left to right, here are the locations of the gnomes:

  1. Amidst the fern (look straight up from the wheelbarrow full of mushrooms)
  2. Under the wheelbarrow full of mushrooms
  3. In the mushroom farm, to the right of the scarecrow
  4. To the right of the mushroom farm (look straight up from the saw on the bench)
  5. To the immediate left of the red-walled house
  6. In the patio of the red-walled house (left of the door)
  7. To the right of the red-walled house (look just left of the old gnome with the white beard)
  8. Behind the broken stump of wood (to the lower-right of the red mushrooms)
Bramble: The Mountain King Walkthrough - Gnome Forest, Part 1

Once all the gnomes have been assembled, return to the door that you couldn’t previously open and attempt to open it once again.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke