Cocoon Walkthrough – Part 3 (Up to 25%)

Cocoon Walkthrough - Table of Contents

Stuck in Cocoon? Check out our walkthrough of Cocoon to find out how to obtain your second drone and make progress in the green sphere.

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Part 3

Now that the orange sphere has been powered, take it northeast and observe how the walkway crystalizes around you.

Continue east until you encounter a dock. Put the sphere in the dock and pull the drag-ball all the way to the south.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

Then, pick up the sphere and follow the path northeast. Keep going until you encounter a purple button. Press this button three times.

Go all the way back to the drag-ball now and put the sphere in the dock. Then, drag the drag-ball all the way north again.

Now follow the path southeast and south, until you reach a fork. At the fork, go east and press the purple button to activate the moving platform.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

Once the platform is completely to the west, press the button again and quickly run to the fork. South of the fork, you’ll be able to get onto the moving platform – do so to have it carry you to the east.

Use the jump pad here to land on the next walkway. Go east from this walkway to find another activator – one that requires two spheres to enable.

Ignore it for now and go to the platform to the southeast. Put your sphere in the dock and press the button.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

Take the sphere again and put it in the next dock to open up a path leading southeast.

Go all the way down the stairs to find a giant locked door. To open the door, you need to press the button in front of it, but to unlock the button itself, you need to activate two pressure pads simultaneously.

Begin by going northwest and pulling the pillar-creature there (using its drag-ball) as far southeast as you can. Let go of the pillar-creature and it will start making its way back to its original position.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

Very quickly run to the pillar-creature in the northeast and pull it as far as you can (up to the pipe blocking its way). Let go of it, and run to the button.

If you time everything right, you will be able to press the button when both pillar-creatures are over their pressure pads. Do so to open the giant door.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

Now go all the way north and when you are able, pick up the green sphere. Go south and then all the way up the stairs.

Put the green sphere in the dock, and then pick up the orange sphere. Bring it over to the moving platform and press the button, so that you transport both spheres up to the activator.

Put each sphere in a dock connected to the activator to turn the activator on.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

Once the activator is turned on, put the green sphere on the activator, pick up your orange sphere, and then hop into the green sphere.

Go all the way east with the orange sphere to find yourself at a sphere-powered moving platform. Put your sphere in the dock to be ferried east.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

Grab the sphere again and go east to activate a new hopper and… be stuck at a fence. That’s okay. Go to the hopper and hop out, back to the activator.

Swap the orange and green spheres (tap action once while near the green sphere), and then hop into the orange sphere.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

Go west and put the green sphere in the dock. Then, go west past the opened-up bridge and press the button on the moving platform to be taken west.

Here, you’ll find another drone puzzle. As before, you have to activate the signs in the right order. This time, you’ll find the order by going up the ramp on either side of the drone dispenser.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 3

The signs are in the background of the screen and read left to right: diamond, pentagon, triangle, hexagon, butterfly.

Break the drone out of its shell when it’s dispensed, and then go east, past the fence. Go east again using the moving platform, so that you’re reunited with the green sphere.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke