Cocoon Walkthrough – Part 7 (Up to 49%)

Cocoon Walkthrough - Table of Contents

Stuck in Cocoon? Check out our walkthrough of Cocoon to find out how to begin your exploration of the purple sphere.

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Part 7

Grab the orange sphere and hop into the purple sphere. Once inside, go all the way south down the ramps to find a pipe inlet.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

While the orange sphere goes on its merry way, you go north into the see-through chamber and stand at its eastern edge to have a bridge revealed to you.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Pick up your orange orb and go east past the closed chamber and the locked, blinking socket. Carry on until you find a pipe inlet to the north.

Put the sphere into the pipe and go south, past the bars that would have blocked your sphere. Ignore the drag-ball for now and go east, then north to retrieve the orange sphere.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Take it to the podium just south of the pipe and place the sphere in the dock here. You’ll now be introduced to a robot – this little thing is powered by a sphere and will follow you to the best of its ability.

Go all the way east to find a socket that accepts the robot, which the robot will sit in automatically. Press the button that gets uncovered.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Next, run west to the drag-ball and wait for the robot to get onto the moving platform on the lower level. Drag the drag-ball all the way to the right, so that the moving platform is moved all the way to the left.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Now proceed west again and get the robot to the blinking dock. This dock consumes the robot, so pick up your sphere and head into the newly-opened chamber. Press the button here.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

In the area down the elevator, you’ll find a hopper and also a covered button, which requires two spheres to activate. Put your orange sphere on one of the docks, and use your hopper to retrieve your green sphere and put that in the other dock.

Press the button to activate the platform you’re standing on.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Once the platform lands, go north to find two robot docks. You will have to get a robot into each dock to proceed. We’ll begin by going east to where the orange sphere went.

Pick up the orange sphere and go south to find a crystalizing path. Go east from here to find a pipe inlet – put your sphere in it and then follow it to the northeast.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Pick up the sphere and go north to find a robot’s dock. Put the sphere on the buried robot to bring the robot above-ground. Now go south until the bars stop the robot from proceeding.

Get down the stairs and stand on the pressure pad to the west to extend a bridge and allow the robot to join you.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Now go west to find another pressure pad. Get the robot to stand on the pressure pad and then pick up the sphere it’s holding. This will disable the robot, making it stationary and keeping the bridge activated.

Take the sphere, go over the bridge and press the button on the high platform to disable the fence ahead. Return to the robot and put the sphere on it to re-enable it.

Now return to the path that crystalizes with the orange sphere. This time, the robot will do the crystalizing – you just have to walk ahead of it. Walk slowly, or you’ll fall down and have to start over.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Once you’re on the other side of the crystalized path, return to the blinking robot docks to have your eastern robot in place.

Grab the orange sphere and go west, onto the crystalized path. Go north from this path to get your green sphere back. Return to the crystalized path and go south, then west to find a pipe inlet. Put the orange sphere into this pipe.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Go north past the bars and pick up the green sphere. Take it to the west and phase-shift your way up the misty green block. You may have noticed you have a robot buddy following you on the lower level now.

Your goal now is to get the robot up to your level. First, go to the eastern pillar you can access and phase-shift down. The robot will try to get closer to you. Once it stops moving, phase-shift up again, trapping the robot on the lower pillar.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Now run all the way to the western pillar, over the bridge, and phsae-shift down to the middle level. Watch the robot and when it walks into the middle pillar, quickly phase shift up, so that the robot is raised to the middle level.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Go back to the eastern pillar and phase shift down. Have the robot join you in the pillar and then phase shift back up. This finally gets the robot up to your level.

Go south, then down the pillar there, and return east to the crystalized path. Swap the green and orange spheres on the robot and lead the robot across the crystalized path, once again being careful not to run too far ahead.

Cocoon Walkthrough - Part 7

Return to the blinking robot dock and put your orange sphere in place on the eastern dock.

Once ready, get on the platform in the middle and press the button on it.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke