Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough – Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough

  1. Part 1 (Entering the Abbey)
    • Devotee Glyphs: open, close, door, greetings, you, me, man, devotee, warrior, god, hide, seek, go
  2. Part 2 (Coin and Lens)
    • Devotee Glyphs: up, not, free, preacher, death, plant
  3. Part 3 (Church and Cemetery Puzzles)
    • Devotee Glyphs: key, pot, lens, potion, music, instrument, make, abbey, church, cemetery, garden, talk, help, love, see
  4. All Devotee Glyphs
  1. Part 4 (Frontier - Disguise)
    • Warrior Glyphs: warrior, not, love, death, wait, go, plural, protect, chosen, impure, carry, lay, push
  2. Part 5 (Observatory, Treasury)
    • Warrior Glyphs: duty, weapon, trolley, fortress, treasure, call, help, seek, scientist (+ bottle, crate, small, big)
  3. Part 6 (Ringing the Bells)
    • Warrior Glyphs: big, small, bottle, crate, vessel, instrument, balance, key, sun, moon, bellman, build, music, fear
  4. All Warrior Glyphs
  1. Part 7 (Bards' Gardens, Fruits)
    • Bard Glyphs: plural, warrior, go/pass, not, beauty, be, love/like, greetings, question, bard, weapon, have, idiot, you, me, seek, find, instrument, music, comedy
  2. Part 8 (Windmill, Games)
    1. Bard Glyphs: hammer, pliers, saw, play, ascend, fire, path, windmill, theater, agora
  3. Part 9 (Theater, Compass)
    1. Bard Glyphs: book, monster, brother, compass, north, east, south, west, man, free, abbey, fortress
  4. All Bard Glyphs
  1. Part 10 (Tunnels, Laboratories)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: me, you, plural, find, seek, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  2. Part 11 (Library, Mines)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: door, fairy, book, alchemist, bard, brother, gold, silver, copper, carbon, library, refectory, laboratory, mine, death, open, close
  3. Part 12 (Formula, Transforming)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: not, warrior, plant, make, fire, help, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, transformation, formula, monster, fear
  4. All Alchemist Glyphs

Stuck in Chants of Sennaar? Check out our walkthrough of Chants of Sennaar to find out how to acquire the compass… and some directions.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Chants of Sennaar. This is a story-oriented guide, and while we do cover validating glyphs, we will not always state what a glyph is until it is time to validate it.

For more information on Chants of Sennaar beyond this walkthrough, check out the official website here.

Part 9

Once inside the theater premises, go up the stairs to the northeast and then go through the doorway on the northwest wall.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Now that you’re in the theater proper, interact with the big red curtains to start the show.

After the play finishes, go through the door opened to the west of the stage, once again entering the servants’ tunnels.

Interact with the open book to the left of the door you just came through.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Here, you’ll find the script for the play you just saw. Exit this screen to note down the script in your notebook. Next, you’ll have the opportunity to validate some glyphs.

Fill them up as below.

Bard language: book, monster, brother

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Now go down the stairs to the east and through the doorway there. This takes us to our second teleportation terminal in the bard area, and our sixth terminal in all.

Interact with the lever in this room (near the door you came through), which unlocks a way back up right outside the theater. For now, though, stay in the tunnels and take the doorway to the northeast.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Pull the lever here and take the door to the north.

We’re now in the sewer maze below the land of the bards. We have to reach the place below the agora now and retrieve the object that fell into the sewer. Follow these instructions to reach the object. East, Northeast, East, East, South, West, South.

You should end up at the screen below, where the object is shining on the left side of the screen. Pick up this object to find out what it is.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Put the compass away to pull out your notebook. Fill it up as shown below.

Bard language: compass, north, east, south, west

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

We now have the guide (in the form of the play’s script), and the compass to show us the direction – so we can move on. Before we do, though, there’s two glyphs left to find and four in all to validate.

Now from the area where you found the compass, take this route (don’t use the compass for this!): North, West, West, North, West, West.

This will bring you to a purple door that we can’t do anything about at the moment. Next to the door, however, there’s another broken inscription. Inspect it to find a couple new glyphs.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Exit this screen to pull out your notebook and fill in the glyphs as shown below.

Bard language: man, free, abbey, fortress

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Now you can exit the sewers and finally enter the cave to proceed past the bards’ area. Take this route from the area with the purple door: East, North, North, North, East, East, North.

This should bring you up to the area with the signpost. Go northeast from here, then northwest into the garden, and then in the middle of the garden, go through the doorway to the west, below the sign that says “Way Up”.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Enter the cave that we previously turned our back on. Go west into the dark.

Here, you must use your compass. Approach the first pyramid to see the symbol on it, which will be the ‘saw’. As we know from the play script, the ‘idiot’ turned west at the saw.

Bring up your compass – the red arrow points to the north. Find which direction is ‘west’ and go in that direction. In the example below, ‘west’ is located to the right of the screen – go there.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 9 (Theater, Compass)

Follow the instructions of the play: go north at the instrument, east at the fire, south at the compass, west at the weapon, and finally you’ll be clear of the cave maze and up in the area ominously called “the Galleries”.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke