Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough – Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough

  1. Part 1 (Entering the Abbey)
    • Devotee Glyphs: open, close, door, greetings, you, me, man, devotee, warrior, god, hide, seek, go
  2. Part 2 (Coin and Lens)
    • Devotee Glyphs: up, not, free, preacher, death, plant
  3. Part 3 (Church and Cemetery Puzzles)
    • Devotee Glyphs: key, pot, lens, potion, music, instrument, make, abbey, church, cemetery, garden, talk, help, love, see
  4. All Devotee Glyphs
  1. Part 4 (Frontier - Disguise)
    • Warrior Glyphs: warrior, not, love, death, wait, go, plural, protect, chosen, impure, carry, lay, push
  2. Part 5 (Observatory, Treasury)
    • Warrior Glyphs: duty, weapon, trolley, fortress, treasure, call, help, seek, scientist (+ bottle, crate, small, big)
  3. Part 6 (Ringing the Bells)
    • Warrior Glyphs: big, small, bottle, crate, vessel, instrument, balance, key, sun, moon, bellman, build, music, fear
  4. All Warrior Glyphs
  1. Part 7 (Bards' Gardens, Fruits)
    • Bard Glyphs: plural, warrior, go/pass, not, beauty, be, love/like, greetings, question, bard, weapon, have, idiot, you, me, seek, find, instrument, music, comedy
  2. Part 8 (Windmill, Games)
    1. Bard Glyphs: hammer, pliers, saw, play, ascend, fire, path, windmill, theater, agora
  3. Part 9 (Theater, Compass)
    1. Bard Glyphs: book, monster, brother, compass, north, east, south, west, man, free, abbey, fortress
  4. All Bard Glyphs
  1. Part 10 (Tunnels, Laboratories)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: me, you, plural, find, seek, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  2. Part 11 (Library, Mines)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: door, fairy, book, alchemist, bard, brother, gold, silver, copper, carbon, library, refectory, laboratory, mine, death, open, close
  3. Part 12 (Formula, Transforming)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: not, warrior, plant, make, fire, help, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, transformation, formula, monster, fear
  4. All Alchemist Glyphs

Stuck in Chants of Sennaar? Check out our walkthrough of Chants of Sennaar to find out how to enter the windmill and get the theater token.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Chants of Sennaar. This is a story-oriented guide, and while we do cover validating glyphs, we will not always state what a glyph is until it is time to validate it.

For more information on Chants of Sennaar beyond this walkthrough, check out the official website here.

Part 8

We’re now in the agora. Go up the steps for a new glyph located on the agora itself.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Go further west in the agora area for three people staring down a sewer drain. Talk to them and then observe the object inside the sewer. Attempt to pick it up.

When you’re done here, go through the western doorway.

In this area, talk to the gondola operator, and then go west into the small workshop.

Inside the workshop, inspect the board of instruments on the wall to the far right. When you pull out your notebook, fill it up like below.

Bard language: hammer, pliers, saw

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Now pick up the hammer (in the far back of the room, next to a candle). Exit the workshop and talk to the gondola operator again, handing them the hammer. Once he’s done fixing the gondola, use the gondola to cross over to the other side.

Go up the steps and through the doorway to the north.

In this new area, go northeast to find a signpost. Examine it. After this, take the path northeast.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Inspect the broken sculpture in the center of the crossroads. The sculpture depicts a compass, but as it’s broken, you can’t tell any of the directions except north.

Talk to the people here for the glyphs, and then proceed through the doorway to the northeast.

This is the windmill area. Go to the northwest here and talk to the three people standing there.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

This will net you some glyphs, and also give you access to the windmill. Go back south and enter the windmill premises.

Go south in the windmill premises and then up the stairs to the wooden planks. Here, you must time your jumps right to get through the spinning gears. Do so for all four gears and then proceed along the wooden ledge.

Pick up the golden object held by the statue when you can and go right from the statue to return down the windmill.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

The three people from before will have something to say, which prompts your notebook. Fill it up as shown below.

Bard language: play, ascend, fire

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Give the three people the object you found (i.e. the fire). Follow the people out of the windmill premises when you’re done.

Now go through the doorway to the northwest of this area, past the fountain.

You find yourself in a new garden. Talk to the person on the bench, then go southwest for some more people to talk to. Further to the southwest, you’ll find a little three-tiered structure with some new glyphs on it.

There’s a person here too, but they have the same lines as the one on the bench.

For now, return to where the two people were in this garden, and take the path to their west.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Go through it to find yourself before a relief. Interact with it and use the ‘fire’ object you found on it to open the way.

This path will take you to the next area – but we can’t go there just yet, as it’s a maze in there and you require a guide and a compass to navigate it.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Return to the previous garden and take the doorway to the south of the area, which brings you back to the crossroads.

This time, take the doorway to the southeast, which takes you to a balcony. Talk to the entertainment host here and then play any one of the two games (or both of them, if you prefer).

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

In the game to the left, you must press and hold the ascend button to ‘raise’ the bird and take it through the broken pillars. This is the easier game in my experience.

In the game to the right, you must whack the ‘idiot’ very quickly. In the world of the bards, the warriors are idiots, so whack the blue warrior symbol whenever it appears.

After you complete any one of the two games, you’ll acquire a theater token, which gives you access to the theater.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Return to the crossroads now and go southwest, which brings you back to the signpost. Now from the signpost, take the doorway leading northwest.

You’ll bring up your notebook here, as you’ve seen each of the areas the signpost referred to. Fill up the notebook as shown below.

Bard language: path, windmill, theater, agora

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 8 (Windmill, Games)

Now proceed west along the path to the theater and talk to the pair dressed in yellow on the way there, just in case. Continue west to find the theater bouncer.

Show the bouncer your theater token to be granted entry to the theater.

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