Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough – Part 3 (Church, Cemetery)

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough

  1. Part 1 (Entering the Abbey)
    • Devotee Glyphs: open, close, door, greetings, you, me, man, devotee, warrior, god, hide, seek, go
  2. Part 2 (Coin and Lens)
    • Devotee Glyphs: up, not, free, preacher, death, plant
  3. Part 3 (Church and Cemetery Puzzles)
    • Devotee Glyphs: key, pot, lens, potion, music, instrument, make, abbey, church, cemetery, garden, talk, help, love, see
  4. All Devotee Glyphs
  1. Part 4 (Frontier - Disguise)
    • Warrior Glyphs: warrior, not, love, death, wait, go, plural, protect, chosen, impure, carry, lay, push
  2. Part 5 (Observatory, Treasury)
    • Warrior Glyphs: duty, weapon, trolley, fortress, treasure, call, help, seek, scientist (+ bottle, crate, small, big)
  3. Part 6 (Ringing the Bells)
    • Warrior Glyphs: big, small, bottle, crate, vessel, instrument, balance, key, sun, moon, bellman, build, music, fear
  4. All Warrior Glyphs
  1. Part 7 (Bards' Gardens, Fruits)
    • Bard Glyphs: plural, warrior, go/pass, not, beauty, be, love/like, greetings, question, bard, weapon, have, idiot, you, me, seek, find, instrument, music, comedy
  2. Part 8 (Windmill, Games)
    1. Bard Glyphs: hammer, pliers, saw, play, ascend, fire, path, windmill, theater, agora
  3. Part 9 (Theater, Compass)
    1. Bard Glyphs: book, monster, brother, compass, north, east, south, west, man, free, abbey, fortress
  4. All Bard Glyphs
  1. Part 10 (Tunnels, Laboratories)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: me, you, plural, find, seek, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  2. Part 11 (Library, Mines)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: door, fairy, book, alchemist, bard, brother, gold, silver, copper, carbon, library, refectory, laboratory, mine, death, open, close
  3. Part 12 (Formula, Transforming)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: not, warrior, plant, make, fire, help, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, transformation, formula, monster, fear
  4. All Alchemist Glyphs

Stuck in Chants of Sennaar? Check out our walkthrough of Chants of Sennaar to solve the puzzles in the church and the cemetery.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Chants of Sennaar. This is a story-oriented guide, and while we do cover validating glyphs, we will not always state what a glyph is until it is time to validate it.

For more information on Chants of Sennaar beyond this walkthrough, check out the official website here.

Part 3

Before we put our lens to use, let’s hoover up some glyphs. Go south from the garden and then south again (or rather, southwest).

Go down the stairs in this area and check out the inscriptions on the wall of the building to get a glyph. You can now fill in the pages with the objects on it. Fill them up as shown below.

Devotee Language: key, pot, lens, potion

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Talk to the potter from the window to get another glyph. Go up the stairs and talk to the owner of the musical instrument shop for some more dialogue, and to open up your notebook again.

By this point, you should have acquired all of the devotees’ glyphs, making it simply a question of matching them.

Fill the music and making pages as below.

Devotee language: music, instrument, make

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Now return to the church: go back up the stairs you took to enter this area, so that you’re in the area with the several fountains. From there, go west, then northwest, then northwest again, and enter the church.

Inside the church, join in with the marching devotees to be granted access into the side-sections of the church. When you’re past the guards, detach from the marching devotees and inspect the little puzzles on the walls.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Use your lens on the central disc of the puzzle. This will reveal to you a symbol above. Rotate the objects below so that the symbol shown above is facing you.

Upon getting it right, a metal bar will rise, and you will receive a message in the form of the characters on the objects.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Do this procedure for all four puzzles in the church, and then go back to the central area of the church by blending in with the marching devotees again.

Once back past the guard, you will transcribe the messages you just read.

Now it’s time to put these messages to use. Exit the church and go south to get to the signpost. From here, go southwest and then continue along the path to the cemetery.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Along the way, you’ll see a hole in the wall – this will take you to a small area with a teleportation terminal in it – this is your second terminal, and you can use it to go to any other terminal. In your case, you’ve only found the first terminal, so you can teleport in and out of the abbey as you wish.

When you reach the cemetery, you’ll likely open your notebook again. Fill it up as shown below.

Devotee language: abbey, church, cemetery, garden

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Then, go to the left in the cemetery area to find another puzzle. Here, you must use the messages you learnt from the church puzzle to align the statues surrounding the sculpture of God’s eye.

We’ll begin clockwise. For the statue to the southwest, rotate it so that the guitar (musical instrument) is facing God’s eye. The sword will be facing the southwest and the the key facing southeast respectively.

Next go to the northwest and rotate the Preacher statue so that it faces the man in the northeast.

Now go to the man in the northeast and rotate the statue to have the man look to the southeast, towards the devotee.

Finally, rotate the devotee statue to the southeast, so that it is facing God’s eye in the middle.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Now interact with the God’s eye sculpture right after it moves, and examine the writing on it to get our final page to fill in. Fill it up like this.

Devotee language: talk, help, love, see

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Now that you’ve figured out the devotees’ language in its entirety, you can safely leave the abbey area and move on. Go down the stairs that have been revealed by the moved statue.

Interact with the mound in the middle of the next screen and use your lens on it to set it on fire and acquire a torch.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Go left to find your way blocked by water, and a door that takes you into a maze of square rooms.

Upon entering through the door, go east, north, north, west, north, and then east, to reach a lever that can stop the water in the pipe. Interact with this lever.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 3

Now go back out (or explore the maze to find out what happened to the Preacher). Go down the stairs that were formerly waterlogged, and then to the far left.

Once you’re out in the open again, go left and up the stairs to enter the next area of the game: the Frontier.

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