Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough – Part 2 (Coin and Lens)

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough

  1. Part 1 (Entering the Abbey)
    • Devotee Glyphs: open, close, door, greetings, you, me, man, devotee, warrior, god, hide, seek, go
  2. Part 2 (Coin and Lens)
    • Devotee Glyphs: up, not, free, preacher, death, plant
  3. Part 3 (Church and Cemetery Puzzles)
    • Devotee Glyphs: key, pot, lens, potion, music, instrument, make, abbey, church, cemetery, garden, talk, help, love, see
  4. All Devotee Glyphs
  1. Part 4 (Frontier - Disguise)
    • Warrior Glyphs: warrior, not, love, death, wait, go, plural, protect, chosen, impure, carry, lay, push
  2. Part 5 (Observatory, Treasury)
    • Warrior Glyphs: duty, weapon, trolley, fortress, treasure, call, help, seek, scientist (+ bottle, crate, small, big)
  3. Part 6 (Ringing the Bells)
    • Warrior Glyphs: big, small, bottle, crate, vessel, instrument, balance, key, sun, moon, bellman, build, music, fear
  4. All Warrior Glyphs
  1. Part 7 (Bards' Gardens, Fruits)
    • Bard Glyphs: plural, warrior, go/pass, not, beauty, be, love/like, greetings, question, bard, weapon, have, idiot, you, me, seek, find, instrument, music, comedy
  2. Part 8 (Windmill, Games)
    1. Bard Glyphs: hammer, pliers, saw, play, ascend, fire, path, windmill, theater, agora
  3. Part 9 (Theater, Compass)
    1. Bard Glyphs: book, monster, brother, compass, north, east, south, west, man, free, abbey, fortress
  4. All Bard Glyphs
  1. Part 10 (Tunnels, Laboratories)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: me, you, plural, find, seek, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  2. Part 11 (Library, Mines)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: door, fairy, book, alchemist, bard, brother, gold, silver, copper, carbon, library, refectory, laboratory, mine, death, open, close
  3. Part 12 (Formula, Transforming)
    • Alchemist Glyphs: not, warrior, plant, make, fire, help, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, transformation, formula, monster, fear
  4. All Alchemist Glyphs

Stuck in Chants of Sennaar? Check out our walkthrough of Chants of Sennaar to explore the abbey and acquire the coin and the lens.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Chants of Sennaar. This is a story-oriented guide, and while we do cover validating glyphs, we will not always state what a glyph is until it is time to validate it.

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Part 2

Immediately on getting into the abbey, the kid will skedaddle. You’ll now pull out your notebook. Fill it up as shown below.

Devotee language: up, not, free

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

There’s a lot of places to go and glyphs to learn within the abbey. Begin by taking the stairs leading northwest from the area where the devotees are marching.

Inspect the signpost here, which will add three glyphs for you.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

Now go northwest again to enter the Church exterior. Head over to the door (ignore the beggar for now as you have nothing to give them).

Next to the door is a mechanism – interact with it for a small puzzle. This puzzle corresponds to the card game that the man in the town square was playing. Arrange the positions as shown below.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

Before entering the church, check the inscription above the door. Then, enter the church.

Go to the very end of the church without bothering to talk to the four guards guarding the side sections. Instead, talk to the devotees near the altar.

By talking to the devotees, you’ll learn a new glyph, and also learn that the preacher is missing. Now attempt to exit the church, and you’ll find some devotees begin their rounds within the church. Ignore them for now and exit the church.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

Outside the church, take the path going east, which is to the opposite of the beggar.

Go up the stairs near the fountain to talk to the devotee listening to the music, which grants you two new glyphs.

Go down the stairs to the right and proceed south to find a statue with an inscription. Inspect the statue.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

Proceed southwards to enter the garden. At this point, you’ll bring up your notebook. Fill it up as shown below.

Devotee language: preacher, death, plant

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

Go south within the garden to find a devotee looking at a vase. From here, you can go west to return to the signpost, but instead, we’ll continue our tour of the abbey. So proceed south from where the devotee in the garden is.

In this new area, you’ll find a statue worth inspecting, and three exits. The west exit takes you back to the area with the marching devotees, so ignore that for now. Instead, take the exit going east to find yourself in an area with many carts.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

This grid of carts is a sliding puzzle. Your goal here is to move the cart with the ladder to the far right of the puzzle, so that you can climb up and access the bird’s nest in the tree.

Use the screenshot below to get an idea of how this puzzle might be solved.

Once you have a clear path for the cart with the ladder, move it to the far right and interact with the bird’s nest.

Inside, you’ll find a coin. Now return to the beggar – go west, then west again, then northwest and northwest again. 

You should now be outside the Church again. Interact with the beggar and use your coin to learn a clue about where the Preacher keeps their key.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

Now make your way to the garden – go south from the beggar and then east. In the garden, go to the right, past the fountain, and you’ll find three pots just as depicted in the note.

Interact with the horizontally-striped vase with the long neck and you’ll acquire a key.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

Go up the stairs in the garden and then go to the far right to find a locked shed. Use your key on the shed to open it. Go inside the shed.

Inside the shed, you’ll find a new glyph on the rightmost cupboard. Apart from this, there’s a note on the table – inspect it now to get another glyph.

Chants of Sennaar Walkthrough - Part 2

Interact with the lens here to acquire it, and to also transcribe the message left behind by the Preacher.

After closing the notebook, you may open it again to record some glyphs. However, it’s possible that you do not have all the glyphs needed to fill these two pages, so close the notebook again for now.

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