Children of Silentown Walkthrough – Chapter 4 (Finding Black)

Stuck in Children of Silentown? Check out this guide to find out where (and how) to find Black in the game of hide-and-seek.

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Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Children of Silentown! As Children of Silentown is a point-and-click adventure game, I strongly recommend exploring the world and getting a feel for all the various items and characters you’ll find in it. Note that this is a story-oriented guide and does not cover stickers or achievements.

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Chapter 4 (Finding Black)

Finally, we have Black left to find. He can be found in the alley where Lucy lives – in fact, he’s hiding in a shed near her house, just behind where the carpenter is working.

You can’t get too close to the carpenter, however. To distract him, use Mom’s Song on the wooden musical instrument in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Finding Black)

Solve the next puzzle so that it looks as shown in the screenshot below.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Finding Black)

Once that’s done, the carpenter will buzz off elsewhere. You can now talk to Black, who’s hiding in the shed. Unfortunately, he makes you look for him again. Thankfully, he’s not very smart, so if you examine the shed again, Lucy will mention wanting to give him a surprise.

For our little surprise, use the bowl of fake spiders on the door of the shed. Now head to the middle of the alley screen and talk to Black, who is hiding behind the pipes that you previously plugged.

Children of Silentown Walkthrough - Chapter 4 (Finding Black)

Shortly after… you’ll get Black off the list. Remember to head back to the baker’s street and inform Raven that you’ve found Black (unless you lied to her before about having found him, in which case she’s already at the square). Then return to the main square.

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